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I think one of my favorite posts among the multitude of interior design blogs I read voraciously is when I see the home of the blogger.  It’s kind of an important moment too, right, because you get to see what the blogger’s true style is and if they have any chops.. but also WRONG.  Wrong because I feel like rarely do these bloggers have the financial resources or life circumstances to completely bust out a space that captures their capabilities, or at least that’s the case in my case.  If you haven’t guessed at what I’m leading up to, it’s this:  I’m going to show you some pics of my crib that I “decorated.”

I’m only showing you the living/dining room area of my crib because the rest has not been designed it just is..  I’ve been hesitating to show you all because it’s not “finished” and truth be told, it’s not ever going to be “finished”.. for several reasons:

1. I am a renter

2. I live with roommates (male roommates who could care less – function over form tends to rule the roost over here)

3. I don’t care enough (I’m a bit of a hermit weirdo roommate and spend most of my time in my room)

4. The budget for this space is DRIED UP, ya’ll. 

But I needed a topic to post about today and I decided to try and remember my goal when I started this blog… Remember about the perfectionism problem I struggle with, that I told you about here.  Well, I’m not going to let perfect be the enemy of good.  And trust me, I know…This place is FAR from perfect.. At least my idea of perfect.

So please, consider my disclaimers about budget and rental space limitations before you go getting all judgy on my space.  Do we have a deal? Cool.

Ok here she is:


Keeley McCarthy Home.jpg
Mounted Elephant Head.jpg
Keeley Kraft Bar Cart.jpg
Red Dining Chairs.jpg

(And yes, I did Instagram these photos to enhance their attractiveness… remember that promise about not judging? :).

I tried really hard to resist the temptation of telling you what I know is wrong with each area but in the end I had to cave.  Please forgive me, it’s just my personality.. I KNOW the bar table needs WAY more items on it.. And I know the area above the fireplace is way out of proportion (They elephant head looked way bigger online when I ordered it). And the dining area… I do not need to be told.  So with that out of the way, let me explain some stuff.  (Also, sidenote: the picture has been hung since this photo was snapped, if that makes you feel any better). 

I think it kind of turned out like a Wes Anderson meets safari, which I love.  That description actually does describe my style pretty accurately. I bought/obtained all of the furniture while my previous roommates (plural because they were a married couple) who have since moved out :( still had their furnishings in this space.  And then I moved to Africa before they vacated.  So I had my amazing sister orchestrate the moving in of everything and obsessively went to the internet café in town every day to see if she had sent a photo of it yet.  She did good.  (Which is no surprise because she is a bonafide interior designer… check her out here).

Most of the pieces have a story.  The cowhide rug I found on the ground one day in college.  I was walking to class and walked past this house where the tenants had been evicted.. And all their stuff was strewn across the lawn.  The “vultures” had been picking through the good stuff for days and it looked as though only cardboard and trash remained.  But on my 10th time walking past I noticed a little brown poking out from what looked to be a piece of gray cardboard, so I turned it over and it was this rug!  Totally skipped class that day to haul this bad boy back to my abode.  That should tell you where my priorities lie.

Any Gossip Girl fans recognize the picture above the sofa?  Oh yea, Chuck’s bedroom.  Righteous!  The print is called “Scout” (click here to see why I have love for that name) and it is by Richard Phillips. It’s actually a cropped print because the actual one was too x-rated/pedophilic for my tastes.  And I have decided to let that disclaimer serve as a warning for what this link will take you to.  So if you're feeling daring, click here to see the uncropped print. 

WOAH is right!  Now erase that image from your minds.  It’s just feels wrong.

The chairs… Looked like this before I had them recovered.

Wingback Loveseat.jpg

Yucky!  BUT they are famous-ish.  They were part of a Storage Wars scenario and the couple that sold them to me bid heavily on the locker because of these unique beauties.. And then sold them to me for a song.  ($25 each! Yes, you read that right, $25 each!).  I am quite the savvy Craigslist shopper J. 

The sofa was my sister’s, which she gifted to me in exchange for me moving her out of her old place while she had to work.  Quite a generous gift but also not because that sh*t was a bitch, ya’ll.  Moving BLOWS.  But really though, I’m very thankful J. 

I do have pillows that I am having made that will go on the sofa.

They have this pattern:



Yeah that's right, don't even TRY to rip that image off :)

Yeah that's right, don't even TRY to rip that image off :)

There are 2 of them.  And they match.  They are white and have green trim around them made out of the same fabric as what the chairs are covered in.  And they’re pretty sizeable because that sofa is a beast if you can’t tell from the pic.  Great for guests to sleep on though :)  Hint, hint.  I also etched this design onto the old fashioned glasses that are on my bar cart/table.

I went for a campaign style feel.  It matched my fascination with Africa and safaris and also has a masculine feel too it which I felt was important due to the gender of my roomies and to tone down that girly picture.  It kinda has a slight cigar lounge feel to it as well, don’t you think?

What I really wanted/do still want but am not holding my breath for was a TV cabinet similar to this:


Red Campaign Dresser.jpg

But a cabinet, for storing TV stuffs.  Probably not going to happen but wouldn’t it look presh!

And finally, this was what I really WANTED the dining area to feel like.. 

via West Elm

via West Elm

Maybe I can help that concept grow if I buy the rug from my post yesterday?


Blue Navy Diamond Rug.jpg

So... Thoughts?  Advice? Admonishments?  Straight-up rebukings?

Actually slash that, enjoy your damn weekends!  It’s Friday, what are you doing reading?


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