Hello and welcome!  I've been dragging my feet longer than I care to admit to begin this blog/ online furniture store, so as I sit here, by myself, writing this first post, it all feels a bit anti-climactic.  You see, I am your classic perfectionist (and fair warning: I'm sure this won't be the first you'll hear of it).  I have been a victim of the phrase "letting perfect be the enemy of good" for far too long and when you fall prey to such a circumstance, you open the door to interminable procrastination.  So, I finally decided I must begin writing about where I am in my life at this moment and we'll go from there.  Hopefully, posts relating to interior design, fashion, entertaining, who I am, things I find beautiful/interesting and basically anything I deem worth mentioning while still being vaguely relevant will just fall into place.  So please, bear with me, as I broach these awkward first nerves. 

To lead into the picture above, I just got back from living in Uganda for four months, a mere three weeks ago.  I was living with a host family (in a house whose conditions are definitely not Pinterest worthy) and was volunteering to help women through microfinance efforts.  I will probably dedicate a post (or several posts) going more into detail about my Africa living experience, so for this intro I will just be brief (and hopefully my subtle marketing tactics will tempt you to tune back in :).  The picture above, however, is from the end of my trip, when my family came out and traveled "on safari," as they call it, throughout East Africa.  We stayed at the renowned, Giraffe Manor (it was featured on the cover of "Town and Country" about 10 years ago and I have been obssessed with staying there ever since), and it was amazing!  Do you like how the giraffe is photobombing my picture? (how rude!).  Anyway, I will give you more deets on that later too.  But now, I am back living in my awesome city of Hermosa Beach, California, just a five minute walk to the beach.  I am stoked to get back into my ol' swing of things and the launch of Keeley Kraft is the perfect homecoming debut.  So there we go, blog starting day and BOOM!  first post concluded (full-stop)

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