No Longer Keeping "Keep" A Secret

I want to preface this post with an advance apology.  What I’m about to share with you is likely to lead you down a path towards shopaholism and being close to that point myself, I know just how dark that place can be.  But I. Can’t. Stop.  If you’re smart, you’ll read this post for the purposes of being in the know about new trends but not actually join this addictive rabbithole of bliss/hell.  An “earmuffs” version of reading, if you will.  And with that PSA, I will now share with you the brainchild of the pinning format that was only a matter of time… Brace yourselves. and Carry On.jpg is what happens when Pinterest and Amazon have a baby.. Or several babies, because Keep is the youngest and most mischievous of their offspring.  Curated shopping with endless possibilities is a recipe for my worst nightmare and I suspect most of yours too..  It’s just like Pinterest in the sense that you can follow people/they can follow you, you can post to various self-created boards, blah blah, the only difference is, there is a little link in the top right-hand corner that says “Buy” and when you click it, you can actually buy that item that  you think is just the cat’s pajamas... You can just buy it, just like that!  I may be late to the game on this.. But I really don’t think I am, because there’s just no way that everyone is keeping their keep addiction under wraps.  They issued the following warning in their welcome email:

Caution: Keep can be seriously addictive!

 Which I, at first, first found to be annoying and a little pompous but then I realized they might not have been joking.. And they shouldn’t have been. 

Let me show you some items I am THIS close to pulling the trigger on… Literally my right index finger was twitching with every “Keep” I made.. And the computer/mouse combo was a modern day Ouija Board leading me towards that “Buy” button:

If you possess masochistic tendencies and are not going to heed this warning, you should at least “follow me” on where I like to “keep it classy.” :)

And just remember, it's Thursday, which is one day before Friday.. So keep on keepin' on! 

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