So Whipped!

Oh MAN, I am so whipped over this whip I saw for sale in the gas station parking lot this morning!

Yellow Car.JPG
Bright Yellow Convertible.JPG

Here is what I'm currently working with:

Penny Lane Beatle.JPG

I call her "Penny Lane", because she's a "Beatle." Hee hee.

Frankly though, she's a little too modern for me. I'm more of a vintage car kind of gal. Although, Penny is pretty ideal because she's small so she can fit in most parking spots, allows me to be quite the asshole on the road without offending too many people and best of all, putting her top down not only epitomizes the California lifestyle but her backseat is bigger than you'd think (get your mind out of the gutter, people) which is ideal for carrying things from furniture to bikes to Christmas trees to even drywall!

But if I'm putting one wish out there into the universe, this would be my DREAM car:

Yellow International Scout II Topless.jpg

An International Scout II Convertible.  Oh my word.  (If I could only get my hands on this, all I would need then is just some hot guy that's willing to fix the engine for me when it breaks down, all the time, and park on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean in this bad boy with me while we make out and watch the sunset... to complete my dream sequence :).

This baby would do instead (even though it's a Bronco). I luv zee color.

Turqouise Green Bronco.JPG

It's almost the exact same hue as my old whip, Bette. (Wasn't she a total betty?)

1969 Chevy Pickup.JPG

Can you believe I used to cruise this thing around the mean streets of Boulder, Colorado circa 2000 and 8? This turquoise Chevy pickup was from 1969 and had more miles on it than the mileage meter could even display. It had a hole in the floor near the gas pedal which required me to keep a wool blanket in the car when I drove it during the Colorado winter (but that's kind of part of the whole vintage truck look anyway, right?) And sometimes, it would just turn off in the middle of me driving somewhere and then incessant honking and yelling would ensue. Oh the memories! I still miss her so much!

Chevrolet Pick Up Truck 1960s.jpg

I had this vintage looking radio/tape player installed and I would use a cassette tape adapter to blast Hall & Oates from my iPod . (Yep, this was in the olden days before iPhones were a thing).

Turquoise Chevy Truck.jpg

A few years ago I sold her "remotely" to this nice older man from Craigslist, who came down from a mountain town in Colorado to have a look'ater. My dad, who was acting as my sales representative at the time, told her he could take the ol' girl out for a test drive on his own.

While he was out on the drive, Bette decided to unleash the contents of a hornet's nest that was "nestled" beneath the driver's seat.  The poor man ended up getting stung 5 times! And do you know what? He still bought her! (He tried to use the stings as leverage on the price but I wouldn't budge - I'm such a jerk, huh?)


Anyway, he sends me updates every now and then on my girl and even mailed me the collector plates because he thought I would like to keep them as a memory of her (which of course, I did). What a total sweetie pie!

TBH, I probably won't be making my best offer on that beauty in the parking lot but as soon as I make it big I'm going to get me a real live International Scout (topless of course). I'm in a fan club that sends monthly newsletters about new Scouts on the market and am totally serious about naming my first son, Scout. Oh no, this ain't no joking matter, my friends. 

And on that revelatory note, I bid you all a GREAT WEEKEND! 

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