Happy Anniversary!

Hey party people!  Hope your celebrations of #murica's birthday were S*P*E*C*T*A*C*U*L*A*R*!  Mine certainly was!  This past week has been chock-full of celebrations for me with my birthday happening last week and Independence Day and all, but this post ain't about none-o-that.. Nope.  It's about another cause for celebration:  KEELEY KRAFT'S ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! One year ago today, I launched Keeley Kraft.  Woot woot!  This web-baby is one year old!  But as much as this is a birthday for KK, it's an anniversary for me (and so of course, that's what I'm going to focus on... ME! ;).  Pop the champs, y'all! 


Writing this blog has been extremely fulfilling for me on so many unexpected levels and even though I haven't been posting very regularly as a of late, I want to acknowledge the satisfaction I derive each day that I do post something.  It's an awesome feeling to be able to put something together and to be able to tangibly see the result.  But moreover, it's been indescribably invigorating to put something out into the world, on a public scale, for it to be read, judged, cherished and to hopefully inspire, inform, possibly offend and maybe help. 

A side effect of "feeding" the blog has been the confidence I have gained in my writing.  I never thought of myself as a writer before starting this blog and the feedback I've gotten from people who have obtained something from what I've written has been so touching and encouraging.  I've found a voice for myself through writing through this outlet that I didn't know existed and to put it simply, that's a really cool feeling! :).  Furthermore, to be able to go back and read what I've written over the course of a year and have a record of many notable occasions that have occurred since I started, gives me a sense of growth and analysis that is pretty unique.  I've experienced the therapeutic effects of writing through this practice and most importantly, have sold some Keeley Kraft furniture and etched wine glasses as a result :). 

But mostly, I'm just super grateful to this blog for giving that to me and to anyone that ever read any of the posts that I wrote.  It's one of the best feelings EVER when someone "likes" one of my posts or tells me they've read something I've written and it spoke to them or even tells me they feel like they know me more from reading my blog.  Sometimes writing and compiling these posts can take a long time but the joy I get from the confirmation and support of others makes it COMPLETELY WORTH IT!   So... THANK YOU!  All in all, it's been a whirlwind year! 

But srrriously, enough with the sappiness already! 

I've compiled a little round up of lovely "paper" items because the gift for a one year anniversary is: PAPER.  (See what I just did there? :)  A little extrapolation, I know, but some of these paper products are TOTES LEGIT, guys!  Check 'em out:

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