A Trailer Palace

Oh hey guys, I'm back!  I just fell off the face of the Earth for a brief time but, after much clawing and clambering, I climbed my way back up onto the face of my world and am trying to get myself re-acquainted and re-calibrated with my life formerly known as my life.  No actually, I've been taking computer programming courses at night and between my day job and this thing I forgot existed when you go to school -> homework, it has been sucking up all of my time for "extra-curriculars." (ie: this blog).  But I carved out a smidgen of time to project my written voice and so, with that being said, I'm going to attempt to write a blog post on here that makes a shred of sense... but, no guarantees.   I'm operating in a rogue brainwave state right now that's clouded with all sorts of new words, definitions, ways of thinking and a bunch of other shit, so if everything you just read (and are about to read) is not "reading" well on your end (we call that a "syntax error" #codinghumor LOL), don't worry because the rest of this post is mostly just going to be a lot of photos (or at least that's the goal).  

... But some context for the photos before I "literarily" sign off:..   Not last weekend but two weekends ago, I went to undeniably the most unique "resort" I have ever stayed at.  "Resort" is a term I use loosely because, it generally implies a sort of retreat from performing one's normal day-to-day functions (ie: cooking, cleaning, keeping house) and this was not quite that.  However, it did encompass the other end of the "resort" definition by being housed in a destination that unequivocally an "escape."  

Literally, this place defines "OFF. THE. GRID."  And as such, I will not be posting its exact location to both add to the mystique of my adventure and to also comply with the rules I agreed to upon staying there: I cannot divulge the exact address or coordinates under any circumstances.  However, I can tell you the general locale was in Joshua Tree, CA - an area near Palm Springs, best known for its ghost-town-like characteristics, its giant weird rock formations and its unique disposition for hosting shroom, acid and peyote trips for people wanting to be one with nature... and their hallucinations.  

Anyhoo, this resort is aptly referred to on their website as a "trailer palace" called: HICKSVILLE.  And I am here to report, that a "trailer palace" was exactly what it was.  My group rented out the entire resort and we had full run of the place, which includes 9 trailers, a pool, a hot tub, a teepee, a grill, a wagon bar, a jukebox, a fire pit, a photobooth, an archery course (did you see my post on archery here??), a BB gun site, a mini-golf course, a library, a ping pong table, an outdoor shower and outhouse (for male optional use), a PBR vending machine, and a sizable plot of astroturf, among a lot of other cool stuff that you'll just have to go and see for yourself.  

The real highlight of the stay though, is the trailers.  Each trailer has its own theme and each theme is both random and strange and perfectly executed.  There is a wig shop trailer, a Cramps trailer (for horror film fans), a 70's style trailer complete with shag carpet and a record player, a caboose style trailer, a "PeeWee" trailer - modeled after PeeWee Herman's love interest's trailer, which looks like a Oregon Trailer trailer on the outside but a Harry Potter train car on the inside.. I can apply to no sense to the inspirations or decorating decisions.  There were other trailers that me trying to explain on here would probably cause more confusion than clarity and so I will not even attempt. But suffice to say, the experience was magical in a the strangest of ways.  And if anyone has a chance to visit this wholly bizarre and special place, I recommend you jump on the opportunity promptly as you will not be disappointed... Mostly from the standpoint of having no rational expectations for what your trip might hold and also because this place took the vision to completion.  The owner of the "palace" said on the website, that he felt the place simply "needed to exist" and so he created it... Now if that doesn't whet your palate to check it out, I'm at a loss.  

But geez Keeley, shut up already!  Below are the photos I promised (and took four paragraphs to deliver):  Devour them, my pretties!

Photo by  Adam Elliot

Photo by Adam Elliot

Hicksville Trailer Palace 2.png
Hicksville Cramps Trailer.png
Hicksville Bar.png
Hicksville Caboose.png

And one of the raddest photos ever with two of the raddest ladies ever!  

Hicksville Archery.png

On that note, go have yourselves a wild and crazy and bizarre and unforgettable weekend! 

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