Today's post is a tribute post and it's bound to get a little mushy so consider yourselves warned ;).  But before you let that lead you astray, bear in mind that the takeaway is that you'll get to read about someone who is an immeasurable inspiration to me and many others - the embodiment of a role model and really, who couldn't use another role model?! :)  It's occasions like this that make me cherish the fact that I have a blog so that I can broadcast about exceptional people and can shout it from the proverbial rooftops.  Having a forum to express my gratitude towards people that have had such an impact on my life and highlight what makes them so special brings me immense joy.  So thank you to anyone who has read this blog if only even once and thus allowed it to serve as a viable platform so disseminating what I want to express.

Caitlin McCarthy 6.png

Now let's get on with it, shall we?  Today is the anniversary of birth for my favorite person in the entire world: my sister Caitlin.  Her influence is woven throughout my life at every turn and this blog and its contents are no exception.  This post features her stunning loft, just one of her many notable accomplishments.  It has also proven to be one of the favorite posts on this blog, so check it out HERE if you haven't already.  

She is one of the most talented people I know and has a Midas touch when it comes to most aspects of life - anything she touches turns to relative "gold."  She is creative to epic proportions and has the ability to transform anything into something beautiful through both spoken and written words, art, style, graphic and interior design, curating of any kind, fashion, physical appearance, and even just "vibe."  She is wise beyond her years, intelligent beyond that of most, and can pull and weave a variety of experiences, things, conversations and facts together in ways that are beyond the scope of what many people are capable of.  

However, her best traits are the ones that can't be seen but rather felt, which is a shame for people that haven't had the experience of being in her presence.  She brings a light to any situation and is one of the most genuine, selfless people you'll ever meet.  There is something about being around her that makes people feel good and treasure the opportunity to do so.  She has her own sparkle.  She has an innate sense of what people need in order to enjoy the moment and can provide that for them in refreshing and unexpected ways through her humor, generosity and "Caitlin-ness."  

She is an incredible listener and always seems to have the perfect anecdote to show that she has comprehended what you've said, can relate and can add value and insight.  She's someone who just kind of, "get's it" - on a social level, a business level, a logical level, a creative level, a spiritual level and a just an all-around human connection level.  She is one of those unique people who doesn't come along everyday, that is a cut above the rest and is truly pure-hearted.  She exceeds expectations in every relationship she possesses and I am continuously in awe of her.  I feel so lucky to just know her and indescribably grateful to be her kin.  Happy Birthday Caitlin, I wouldn't be who I am without you!  You are my hero!

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