A Fare Fair

I know it's a bit outdated to post about last weekend on a Tuesday when people are already gearing up for the coming weekend (Monday is so passé) but I'm going to try and sneak in under the wire here and maybe you can let this one slide...? Cool, thanks.  So, pretending that it's Monday and this post feels more relevant, I shall begin: I had a delightful weekend that by nightfall Sunday, I felt like I had lived 9 lives! Meow.  (Probably hence the need for a día de recovery).  The undisputed highlight, however, was the artisanal food fair I attended on Saturday that left me broke and stuffed and barely allowed me to get out of the parking lot (for both physical and financial reasons).  In spite of this, the event did not disappoint.  In fact, it was akin to a full-fledged blogger fantasy.  I even prepared for the event, like a legit "big girl" blogger would, by stating aloud to my friend that I was going to try to take photos... So proactive!  (Disclaimer: please forgive the random smattering of photos that are accompanying this post. I'm still learning here about what types of photos you peeps want to peep at). 

The affair was as if a craft fair and a farmer's market had a baby and their bundle of joy was little marketplace complete with samples => my heaven.  It also felt a lot like you were doing a live walk through of someone's Pinterest food board.  The only (probably obvious) problem though, that I failed to consider, was that all of the selected participating vendors had REALLY AMAZING samples and I left actually toting my complimentary tote bag and a my new vegetable leather wallet, completely void of them dolla bills that I came with.  But that didn't break my spirit one bit!  To the contrary, I was engaged in a blissful rumination about all of the gourmet meals I was going to have, and the fancy craft cocktails I was going to make and how sharp I was going to look in my vegetable leather garments.  And I still maintain that I will try in vain to make sure that the items I bought, do not live out their shelf life, on a shelf - such is my promise.  

So, here is a photo journey of the event and my three favorite purchases.  A figurative "bon appetit" to you as you navigate through!

Waiting in line about to go in... But first, let me take a #selfie

Artisanal LA.JPG

First things first, breakfast was in order.  I opted for ice cream.  Strawberry shortcake flavor, in PUSH POP FORM... Whaaaaat?!  A total throwback to those orange Flintstones push pops I used to love as a kid.  I was so excited that I totally forgot my blogger "mission" and didn't grab a card or figure out the name of the shop so that all you LA people could get push pops for yourselves.  Totes #bloggerfail.  Sorries!  But to further tout the product, this push pop had a lid! So I could just put the cap back on to prevent me from smearing my snack all over the other sample-grabbing vultures (myself included) at the other booths.  Genius!

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Push Pop.JPG

Next we found our way to the alcoholic beverages booth... #priorities.  While we weren't allowed to try anything with alcohol in it, I did have a chance to sample different flavors of "bitters" (which I learned are the key to creating a "craft cocktail" (or should I say "kraft cocktail" as they add unique flavors to your drink without dumping sugaring artificial flavorings in there to enhance the complexity of the drink - on the contrary, bitters use aromatics to add an essence to a drink that changes the flavor as part of taste is through smell).  I finally settled on a "lavender" flavored bitters (yes, lavender!) that I taste-tested with soda water and may end up using to flavor my water as well!

Get your own  HERE .

Get your own HERE.

I also couldn't stay away from the salt table where the effervescent gentleman at the booth sold me instantly on a black truffle salt.  You salty dog, you! I plan to carry this little bottle of black truffle salt in my purse and apply it to practically anything that black truffle flavoring could enhance (ie: practically everything but not limited to eggs, mac and cheese, popcorn, potatoes, fries, etc. etc.).

Get your own  HERE.

Get your own HERE.

My most favorite find of the day (and maybe ever) just BARELY eeks in under the food umbrella as it's a wearable item but since it's made out of "veggie leather" I guess they said "we'll allow it."  And thaaaank goodness they did because it's the bomb diggity yo!

Meet the fanny pack's country cousin: my new badass carrying case holster!  No more trying to find a secret corner to stash my purse when I want to break it down on the dance floor - or any of the other 1,000,000 reasons that make purses annoying. No sir-ee! Now, I can keep my belongings close to my person for security and convenience and look cool as f**k while doing so!  The other thing about this item is that it's gender neutral.  Men can wear this item and exude the air of a weapon-packin' BAMF and in my feminine opinion, look damn sexy too.  It's the perfect way to be hands free and hot. SOLD.

Practicing "selfie culture."  (This is actually my FIRST published solo selfie ever! #bigmoment)

Here is the company that sells them. 

I loved ALL of their stuff and bought more than just my holster at their booth but some of those purchases are for gifts and thus, are not going to be revealed on here :).  But check them out for sure HERE.

Outside of the fair they had a little food truck area (for those that were still hungry?).  How adorbs is that mini portable airstream bar on wheel?!?!

Mini White Airstream Portable Bar.JPG

(Tryna' be convert about the subject of the photo - the trailer).

So, that concludes my "krafty" weekend adventure recap.  Now I'm hungry.


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