Glitter Ceiling

Have you ever heard of a glass ceiling?  They're terrible as a metaphor but pretty sweet in actuality...  Well, this is kind of the exact opposite - both literally and metaphorically.  Allow me to introduce: Devine Color Gold/Silver Dust.  A glitter dust that you can add to paint to create a shimmering, sparkly, glittery effect.  The idea is to add sparkle to your ceiling so it twinkles like the stars... Although you can add more than just a sprinkle for a twinkle and create a range of spectacular effects, all depending on your glitter dosage. Truthfully, this product can be used for more applications than just painting your ceiling but when I first heard about it, is was being marketed as such... which personally, being the feminist I am, I am all over.  Unlike a glass ceiling, the possibilities with this product are endless as the possibilities with glitter are always endless and additionally the sparkly ceiling channels a night sky and universe.  I know I'm going too far with this metaphor but I don't care.  That glass ceiling needs to broken through! :)

But back to the paint dust.   Pretty groovy right?  You can buy it HERE for about $11 a package (it comes in silver or gold colorways).  Add two packages per gallon for a soft, subtle shimmer or three or more packages per gallon for bold, brilliant sparkle

Sparkle Quotes.jpg

Um, just sayin'.  Here are some examples of what it looks like added to paint samples. 



I looked long and hard for photographs of it actually applied to walls, ceilings or objects but alas, could not find ANYTHING.. But hey, maybe that's better?  You create your own magic! 

Also, on an unrelated but also totally related note, this is also going in my sparkle room:

I don't think there's a better note to end on, on this hump day.  Do the humpty hump, come on and do the humpty hump!

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