Winos And Rhinos

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, I'm going to throw today's post back to another post, which can be found HERE.  And then, I'm going to build on that post by making just one more plug on here for my mama's business retreat for women and then I will "retreat" from the topic.  But for any of you on-the-fencers, now is the time to HOP ON OVER to the other side.  We await you with welcome arms.  For those of you that missed my first post about the "Women Wine and the Wildebeest" women in business safari retreat that my mom is hosting next weekend (May 2 - 4, 2014) in Sonoma, CA... Allow me to regale you!

Sorry boys, the retreat is for women only but perhaps a woman in your life may be searching for this very thing, so you should listen up too!  The event is a three day, two night intensive experience meant to help women in various stages of their personal career journey or entrepreneurial venture.  During the course of the event, there will be wine tasting, a true African style safari, archery, bonfires and s'mores, glamping, hiking, circling and a ton of business and personal growth workshops and speakers, all centered around taking your career and life path to the next level. 

Besides embarking on a weekend of fantastic fun with amazing, dynamic and enterprising women, attendees will:

LEARN how to take smart risks without compromising your business
LEARN how to tell the difference between fear and intuition
LEARN how to get your team in sync and work for a common cause
LEARN how to communicate your message to your customers
LEARN the most powerful tool in branding and how to use it effectively
LEARN how to get your customers attention in the right way
LEARN how to overcome fear to achieve your ultimate success
LEARN how creativity can be the key to productivity
LEARN how you can get financial success with just one ritual a day 
LEARN how to increase your profits with one simple action
LEARN how to make sales happen everyday in your business
LEARN how to eliminate stress 
LEARN how to target your goals effectively and accomplish them now
LEARN what others know that can help you succeed in business
LEARN what your greatest asset is and how it can help you build your business

ADDITIONALLY, a portion of proceeds from the profits of sale of this retreat will go towards the care and feeding of animals at the Safari Camp. I will also be making a donation to ASK,, a non-profit group enriching the lives of Maasai children through education while respecting their customs, traditions and way of life. 

There are only a FEW spots left.. So hurry up if you or anyone you know has an inkling to get in on the commotion!  Like, why not make a step towards changing your life?? #duh

To read my original post on what the retreat is all about in further detail, click HERE.  And to sign up and learn more, visit the event's website HERE.

Happy Thursday!

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