Women, Wine and The Wildebeest

On May 2, 2014 in Sonoma, CA, roughly 60 women will embark upon a 3 day life changing journey.  They will no doubt laugh, they might cry, they will surely meet other like-minded, strong, ambitious and successful women, they will trek animals, they will hike, they will confer around campfires, they will make delicious s'mores and among other things, they will revel in the fruits of the Sonoma Wine Valley.  They will also grow as people, develop lasting friendships and leave with tools to turn their lives and businesses into a raving success.

To further add to the drama, they will be hosted by MY insanely talented and amazing mother, who, I can assure you, is the ultimate hostess with the most-est - GUARANTEED to provide a rip roaring good time.  What am I getting at, you may be wondering?  A Women's Business Safari Retreat, what else?

And who are these "women"?  These are dynamic women.  These are women who can and will change the world.  Women who have a zest for life.  These are the women you want to be and the women you want to be best friends with.  And together, these women are an unstoppable force... One of these women COULD BE YOU!

From May 2 - 4, the Entrepreneurial Voice will put on a luxury sleep-away "camp"  (also known as "glamping") for 60 special ladies who have the will and the drive to enrich themselves, their businesses, and the lives of others.  This "camp" retreat is truly unique in almost every way possible.  It is the only forum of its kind where entrepreneurial badass babes can come together, learn from each other, attend interactive workshops to garner skills and tools to enhance their ventures, hear from inspirational, successful professionals on all matters pertaining to important business lessons, find their voice, hone in on their goals, work towards turning their goals into reality, and MUCH MUCH MORE all while simultaneously going on safari, partaking in a little (or a lot) of wine tasting, enjoying the great outdoors (or the comforts of your luxury glamping experience), participating in women's circling (it's like Fight Club but opposite... and the "no talking about it" rule still applies ;) and some other special surprises that only the lucky attendants will be privy to....

Can you say "KUMBAYAH?!"

If I've got you hovering on the edge of your seat, as I suspect I have, you're in luck!  Because I am extending the invitation to this once-in-a-lifetime experience to my dearest lady readers AND the lady friends/loved ones of my dearest male readers.  

I personally will be in attendance and I can say with complete honesty (familial bias notwithstanding), that I could not be more excited.  In my opinion, it’s kind of the motherload of all things awesome.. And NOTHING, I mean, NOTHING, would delight me more than to see YOU (yes, I'm talking to you!) or someone you know that you think would enjoy this sort o' thing... THERE!  Please, join me and a bevy of brilliant women at the source where winos meet rhinos and remarkable women work towards driving the course of the marketplace.. Your presence is requested, so... WHAT. ARE. YOU. WAITING. FOR?!

For those of you whose mothers' taught you to be polite and wait for an invitation, consider this ridiculously adorable invitation/visual itinerary that my crazy talented sister created, your official invite:


And again I ask you: "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???"

May I also suggest that you check out the site: http://womenwineandthewildebeest.com (a website created for the event by none other than your's truly) for more deets and information on the event.

Aaaaaand, just a quick heads up.. Don't delay on signing up if you're interested because the prices increase in a few weeks and I KNOW you don't want to be the chump that paid more for the same thing because you were too busy dilly dallying ;).

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: Don't miss out on what could be one of the best experiences of your life!  WARNING: F.O.M.O. can be crippling :).


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