Bulletproof Style

My friend Sam has always been one of those girls that can pull off "cool" in that effortless way that so many people (myself included) strive for.  From the moment I met her, I wanted to be her friend and have always been in awe of her personal style, her laid back vibe and her command of who she is and what she's all about - the girl knows how to rock it!  So when she announced that she was going to be starting her own jewelry line, I knew it was going to be good.  To add to her cool factor, Sam used to wield a welding torch around her garage making sick jewelry as a hobby, which if that doesn't spell B-A-D-A-S-S, I'm not really sure what does..  She always had a unique array of jewelry pieces that she would wear and every time I would ask her where she got something, she would reply that she had made it... Oh. great, so I can't get it anywhere?  Sweet.  But then.... she decided to come out with her own brand and when her line launched, the jewelry market became a better place! #truth

Bullet Casing Shell Necklaces Shield and Honor

One of my favorite pieces she would wear (and clearly, others' favorite as well) was this necklace she had made out of a empty bullet casing with which she had filled the open part of the shell with a exotic stone.  The rifle casing had come from her grandfather's 21 Gun Salute funeral service and in the most creative way possible she had created a way to commemorate and remember him at all times, with both style and sentimentality in perfect harmony.

Shield and Honor Bullet Necklace Amethyst

After garnering countless comments and compliments on this unique and special jewelry piece  that she had made, Sam took an courageous risk and decided to start her own business designing and selling these necklaces and others like them, using the bullet casing as inspiration and tribute for her line and business as a while.  

Today, Sam and her equally awesome sister, Tess, run "Shield and Honor" the company behind these sick necklaces and have just come out with their newest line, titled the "Symphony Collection."


All of the necklaces are a reflection of Sam's inherent "coolness" but it doesn't take someone knowing her to tell how rad these jewelry pieces are because they speak for themselves:

Shield and Honor Bullet Necklace.jpg
Shield and Honor Jewelry Necklaces.jpg
Shield and Honor Bullet Necklace
Shield and Honor Bullet Necklaces Jewelry.jpg
Shield and Honor Horn Necklaces

And as if owning one of these sweet necklaces wasn't enough to boost your cool points, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Shield and Honor necklace is donated to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund... which means you're also a good person and that's the coolest thing to be, man!

Shield and Honor necklaces from the new Symphony Collection can be purchased HERE.  Older styles can be purchased HERE

Have a killer weekend, everybody!

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