The Periodic Table

This post probably would have been more aptly published yesterday (on the day of fools) as it contains a bit of trickery but alas, hindsight is 20/20.. We do not cry over spilled milk here at Keeley Kraft!  Plus, this concept is worthy of note, any day of the year, so today I'm going to share with you an ingenious multifunctional solution for small spaces... It's rad.  Get excited.

Before I get into it though, let's throw around some design philosophy/shop talk, shall we?  Ain't nuthin' wrong with making ourselves feel a little intellectual amidst all the pretty photos every now and then, am I right??  Isn't there something that feels so futuristic about efficient spaces?  Where everything has a place and function and frivolity is frowned upon?  This concept of smart design goes hand in hand with simplification which is the backbone of modern design.  Modern design is known for its clean lines and lack of clutter.  Blending functionality with aesthetics is valued heavily in this genre and the focus on a lack of clutter lends itself to a mantra of only keeping items that are being used at that moment, visible in the space. The following feature I'm about show you, epitomizes this idea to a T.   Add to the fact that micro-lofts (read: urban shoeboxes) are becoming increasingly popular and these features go from just being cute to actually adding value.  For those in questionably studio apartments, these space hacks could mean the difference between being too cramped to habitable. 

And now, if I've explained myself even at all, I want to further bolster your intellectual ego and give you guys a little test (don't feel bad at all if you can't figure it out, because that is the whole point!  It's a trick question, ya fools! :). There is an element in the following room that be converted from its original state to function as something entirely different... Can you tell what it is???

What do those words mean??  Does someone not know how to spell "bread", "milk", or "sugar"? LOL.

What do those words mean??  Does someone not know how to spell "bread", "milk", or "sugar"? LOL.

Good job, you budding engineers!  The chalkboard turns into a table!  I knew my readers were a savvy bunch!  ;)

Pretty clever, huh?  Similar to the concept of a Murphy bed, the "framed chalkboard" folds down and the frame acts as a support for the table surface.  But really, there are lots of ways to disguise your Fifth Element-style wall mounted table.

Chickety check out some more of these "krafty" examples of this concept to further illustrate how this magic trick "unfolds" (hee hee). 

Here's something I found on Pinterest about how to make a cabinet + drop-down table... Maybe the diagram will be helpful?  Maybe not?

Love that blouse with those mom jeans.. ;)

Love that blouse with those mom jeans.. ;)

And for those that are feeling extra ambitious - a true triple threat!  Look out!

BAM!  Now I expect you all to bust one of these out by next week for your homework. 

Happy Hump Day!

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