A Travel Bug Infestation

For the past few days, I've been getting after it with my "real job," renting out vacation rentals (see what I do for realz, here), and the long and the short of it is, that I've been booking a lot of vacations for OTHER PEOPLE.  Funny thing is, all it made me want to do was go on vacation myself (imagine that!) and so now it is safe to say that the travel bug is BACK! (Did it ever leave??) In fact, my thoughts have become infested with these bugs! Eek! Granted, there are worse bug problems to be saddled with but in the case of this type, it's been my experience that the only way to eradicate the crafty critter is by giving into it.... "Don't try to fight it.." 

So, as a first step towards exterminating these nagging little pests, I've decided to air my frustrations out on here by exposing you all to one wanderlust-worthy destination that's been topping my to-go list for a while.  The perfect balance between relaxing and exotic, this little getaway has my number on speed-dial - and it won't stop calling!  Geeeeez!   

This gem is in the Maldives and is called "Huvafen Fushi" (pronunciation unknown):

I know, I already posted about thatched roof aqua lodges here, but onesly, how could one ever tire of a true ocean view from every angle?!  And your own private hut in the middle of the sea?  And And jumping into the ocean from your balcony?? I mean... You're as close to sleeping with the fishes as you're going to get aside from getting "taken care of" by the mob.

They also have an underwater spa which.. 'Nuff said.

Underwater Spa Maldives

To find out more information about this too-good-to-be-true resort, click here.  And if you go, do not bothering sending me a postcard because, I will hate you forever.

Happy Thursday!

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