Panama Pandemonium: The Final Frontier

The final episode of this crazy pandemonium features an "island" (or more technically speaking, an "archipelago") off the Eastern coast of Panama called "Bocas del Toro."  If you have even a rudimentary knowledge of Spanish, I suspect you have already figured out that it translates to "the mouth of the bull."  Beyond that, I was unable to find out any other clues about its name, but I do know that it is a very popular surf destination and I have a feeling that the waves in "the mouth on the bull" might be gnarlier than average, hence the attraction of all those surfer brahs.. Although when I went, I had no part of that biznaz. For comedic purposes only, I will divulge that I was set on fulfilling this idealistic romantic getaway fantasy.. and when we reached the resort, it became very transparent the hope is was harboring as we were the only people not on our honeymoon........... Awkward.   But in spite of all this, it remains one of the coolest places I have ever been to!!  

It is an acqua lodge and we found out once we got there that we had reserved a cheaper unit that did not include hot water, which did become an issue. 

We took The SMALLEST plane from Panama City to the landing strip in the Bocas del Toro province and were met by the hotel staff representative upon arrival where we were taxied to a boat which ferried us to this resort:


If you go, I should also mention that there are these "sand flies" which bite you all over your body and itch... But STILL TOTALLY WORTH IT.

While at the resort, we went snorkeling.. Both off our balcony and during beautiful coral areas in the Caribbean Sea.  We also went dolphin watching, went to a rainforested island where we saw the endangered red tree frog and a sloth.. And got to hang out at a gorgeous beach.  The resort offered lots of excursions so you never got the feeling that you were stranded in the middle of the ocean... All of your meals are included in the cost of your stay and you get to choose between several phenomenal dishes at each meal. In a nutshell, it was positively perfect. 

photo copy 4.JPG
photo copy 5.JPG

However, if you do go, make sure to book a room with hot water.. They are a bit more expensive but entirely worth it lest you get caught in a torrential rainstorm and are on a boat and are dashing through the water in a boat with winds blazing and all you can think of is taking a shower to warm up.. And then you turn on the water and it's freezing. That scenario = NOT IDEAL. 

The rooms are exquisite though, and each cabana has a balcony which you can just right off into the water, they have a canopy bed with amazing views in the upper floor of your hut and a quaint sitting area down below.

photo copy 2.JPG
photo copy 6.JPG
photo copy.JPG
photo copy 3.JPG

As usual, this trip comes highly recommended by yours truly!

Now, go off and have yourselves stellar weekends filled with spontaneity and decadence!


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