Back To The Future

Well hello strangers!  It has been a while, hasn't it?!  I must confess that I never intended to go on such an extended hiatus from blogging but in the end, I guess it just sort of happened..?  (Worst excuse ever).  You productive people may not be aware of this but, laziness can be sort of addicting... (insert shame here).  But hey, clean slate right?   Plus, it's Monday, ya'll, and it's 2014 and dammit, I'm ready to get back in the saddle!  Giddyup!

I did, however, have a truly amazing holiday break, if that's any music to your ears and thus, I thought for this re-acquaintance post, I would kind of debrief on the goings ons of said break and resume with the everyday topics manana.  Sound like a plan, my muted readers?

Cool.  Here goes:

I celebrated Xmas in Colorado and despite the onset of the first day of a flu/cold (which it sounds as if every single person across the country had an encounter with and eventually ended with an emergency hospital visit for me), my Christmas was delightful.  My sister got me this fabulous jacket:

Which was featured on my blog, here and consequently made me feel doubly loved because it means people (at least my family members) are reading the blog and acting on it.. by way of buying me presents.  Quite simply, I call that... PERFECTION.

I also received two of these adorable plaid picnic/lunch sets (ummm eek, who wants to go on a picnic with me?)

Which ABSOLUTELY needs an occasion to be used ASAP because: you people cannot in good conscience let this become another point to my picnic hoarding problem...  If you're confused about what I'm talking about, read my picnic hoarding confession, here)

And some Moscow Mule mugs... So obvi, I have determined my signature drink will now be a Moscow Mule... 

Which if you haven't jumped on board this trend yet, consists of:

I also got this smashing yoga mat which I also blogged about here and I am OBSESSED. 


And... Drumroll: THIS DESK!!!  

THIS FREAKING DESKKKKK!!!!  (HARD CORE SWOONING GOING ON RIGHT NOW)... which will replace the truly sad excuse for a "big girl desk" that currently sits in my office.... Trust me when I say, it was time.

Is that desk not one the most gorgeous things you've EVER seen? I know. And furthermore, it inspired a whole new room plan for "my office" which will include a neon light up "Keeley Kraft" sign. You know, like the kind you see in shop windows denoting that an establishment is "Open" when it's lit up... Or perhaps the neon lighted beer signs resonate with you more...?   I think it's going to be capital H.A.W.T.  And I will, OF COURSE, show you photos once the room is complete... which will probably be a while from now so don't start getting too excited juuuust yet!  But ahh, my name in lights... Most definitely premature, but hey, you gotta fake it till you make it, right?? ;)

I also helped my mom build a website for a SUPER SWEET AWESOME DELISH EVENT that I will be sharing all about with you peeps tomorrow...

And had a fantastic New Year's getaway with some very lovely people in a cabin up in Big Bear, CA... Yes, there was a hot tub, yes we went snowboarding, and yes, things got a little CRAZY.  But I'm sure you've already guessed, that that's all I'm going to share on here about THAT! ;)

I did set up this photo booth wall however, and made some photo booth props, which were quite the hit if I do say so myself.  Props for props - ha! And coupled with the semi-pro photographer that was also in attendance, I think the whole thing turned out quite grandly! 



Silliness ensued...

Silliness ensued...

-Mad props.

The only problem is that, now, New Year's Eve 2015 is 359 days away and I don't think I can wait that long for it to come 'round again.  I feel pretty lucky because, characteristically, I have had more crappy New Years' than awesome ones but I think I have cracked the code and realized that celebrating with a small group of friends is THE. WAY. TO. GO.  Free flowing booze, no big event d-bags (sorry but it's true), the ability to hear yourself and others speak and move freely, less $$, and most importantly, no pressure... I mean, that's one girl's opinion, anyhow. 

So, whew, there you go, my completely random and disjointed debrief that we had to get out of the way.  My writing muscles were due for a long stretch before the we hit the ground running, so thanks for staying tuned if you've made it this far.. Now you can all rest assured that blogging on here is officially back on, in a big way.. Get excited!

Oh and also, 2014 is our year!


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