Shine Bright Like A Diamond

I'll admit it, I am NOT a pre-planner when it comes to most things.  In fact, I probably fall into the worst kind of procrastinator category: the kind who has a complete meltdown when I come to grips with the fact that I do not have enough time to accomplish what needs to be done.. at least at a normal human speed.  I have to pass through the meltdown stage before I reach actual productivity which further perpetuates the procrastination.  And this year's Xmas gift shopping situation is no exception.... :/

So, since I've missed the boat on putting out an Xmas gift idea round up for any sort of gender/age/personality type, due to the fact that most online stores can no longer guarantee a Christmas delivery, I'm jumping ahead to New Year's in hopes that I'm not too late to the party on this post too.  Sorry fellas, this is another ladies only post #noboysallowed

As if the stress of figuring out what to DO on New Year's wasn't enough, us female folk also have to put heavy thought into what we will wear for this sparkly-themed holiday.  So, to make things a little bit easier for y'all (or maybe only if you're a procrastinator like me), I've compiled a little round up of some New Year's Eve dresses, guaranteed to make you radiate like the ball in Times Square, as you ring in the New Year:


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