Are Men Favored For Success?

WOAH.  Did that get your attention???  Well before you go getting all m̶e̶ feminist ( (or anti-feminist) on me, allow me to explain.  O.K. (throat clearing): Today I am SUPER super excited to "share the science" of this "revelation" with y'all, which despite the [potentially misleading] title of this post, means I'm going to let you all in on a little secret "trick" that can actually be used by men and women alike... AND PUT YOU IN A BETTER POSITION FOR SUCCESS. 



What I'm about to share with you is a Ted Talk that I won't attempt to fully explain out of respect for you, the speaker and myself.. It deserves to have justice served.. And it will.  Thus, I will let this amazing and inspirational social scientist (AND WOMAN :) explain the dirty deets of this "lifehack" but the gist of it, is this:

Powerful leaders possess high quantities of testosterone (the dominance hormone) and low quantities of cortisone (the stress hormone).

These powerful leaders also share similar body language.  The inverse of this is also true (people that command little power and presence also share similar body stances/poses, which are opposite from those exhibited by powerful and persuasive people).

These body language versions have a lot to do with how much space is being taken up.  Which, coincidentally, women not only have lower testosterone levels but are also "taught" to take up less space.

Success is directly linked to people that exude these qualities of power and low stress/risk tolerance.

It is possible to CHANGE YOUR MIND BY CHANGING YOUR BODY LANGUAGE.... And even better yet, it only takes 2 min of changing your body position/stance/pose to have an effect on your mind, happiness and confidence.

I hope that last sentence is as monumental to you as it is to me... Essentially, you have the ability to reduce your stress levels and increase your confidence by changing the way you are standing or sitting for 2 minutes!  Which means "faking it till you make it" is scientifically proven to work!

Now hopefully those bold statements are enough of a teaser (and not quite a spoiler) to propel you to spend the next 21 minutes of your life learning about something that could affect the outcome of the rest of your life. #guilttrip #canyoureallyaffordnotto #whyareyoustillreadingthisandnotwatching

Get to it!

And then "Share the Science" yourself...

xoxo, of course. 

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