A Stitchy Situation

Whew!  Boy has work been busy lately!  I feel like it's been hard to catch a free moment but of course, that didn't stop me from getting just a little bit of home beautifying in today...  #priorities.  Meet my latest work in progress project:

Vintage Desk Chair Before Photo .jpg

Please note the "work-in-progress" part.  It's not a completed piece yet (could you tell?) but I have a special plan of when to reveal the finished product to you all so I've decided to make today's post a teaser post to hype up the anticipation.  Ooooh...  So, here's the sitch on this chair:  it's going to be used as a desk chair.  I had the wood lacquered to match THIS DESK, which it will sit in front of.  And since you've seen it in its worst state (above), here's what it looks like now with its shiny new white/cream lacquer coat... It can only get better from here!

I. AM. AWARE that that upholstery is YUCK.O

I. AM. AWARE that that upholstery is YUCK.O

I've had my heart set on covering it in an emerald/kelly green linen (channeling the Viceroy in Santa Monica) and was struggling to find the right fabric... when I got a wild hair to search on Etsy for fabric remnants and found the purrrfect 2 yard piece of beautiful emerald green linen fabric that is meant for upholstery.. which is the juuust right amount to cover the chair (and then some).  It was fabric fate situation.  And also, can I just say, Etsy for fabric is #winning.

Emerald Green Linen Fabric

I also had this idea in my head that it would be quite gangster to have my first initial embroidered on the back of the chair.... Obviously I'm obsessed with myself and my name.. I mean, have you seen the title of my blog? ;)  But vain or not, you can't deny there's something kind of pleasing about having your OWN chair that is "marked" as your's and anyone who sits in it knows.. they are sitting in YOUR chair... Right? RIGHT?  Well anyway, that's where today comes into the story.  I had spent a minor amount of time trying to find out how I could get this random piece of upholstery fabric embroidered and after some unsuccessful attempts at trying to get people to do a custom job like this (mostly a lot of "no responses" to my emails), I found this guy who specializes in embroidery only and is the only guy around that will take on custom one-off jobs...  More fortuitousness... it's weird.

So, today "Gary"  at Stitches Embroidery Loft in Louisville, CO told me to come by his shop and he would embroider a "K" of my choosing (among 300 fonts) onto my fabric in 5 min for $15.  I was convinced he had somehow misunderstood my request, even though I had no real basis of what a "normal" cost would be or how long it would take, but I went anyway as this was my o̶n̶l̶y̶ best lead and what did I have to lose?  Well it turns out ABSOLUTELY NUTHING.. but I had quite a lot to gain.  Gary is the epitome of a jack-of-all-trades and in addition to having his own contracting company and being a skydiving instructor/extraordinaire, he started his embroidery hobby turned business so that he could embroider skydive jumpsuits and motorcycle seats... He is a stitching magician!  So, I chose what I thought looked like an art deco-y "K" and here is how the embroidery turned out (in 5 min):

I'm so excited about it.  I think it will look great on the back of the chair:

Vintage Desk Chair Before Photo.jpg

Ummm.. ya, you're really going to have to use your imaginations for this "rescue mission."

So, what are your thoughts about the final result?  Do you think it will make me feel like "G" or is it not your style? Talk to me, people.

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