Winning By O-Strich

This is real.  I kid you not.  And this year, I'll be there.... come hell or high water!

Ostrich Races Nevada

In Virginia City, Nevada, over Labor Day weekend, mere mortals will race on Ostriches, Camels and even Zebras!  Say what?! Say Swiss Family Robinson, that what!!   Did you know such a thing existed outside of the movies... and in the United States no less?  I did not. And I am FLABBERGASTED.  I don't know if I would have been phased if someone had told me such an outlandish tale about the goings on in say, Dubai.. but in California's backyard.. NO WAYYY!

Zebra Racing Nevada Camel Races

But actually, totes WAY.. And as if that wasn't outrageous enough, anyone can race on these animals... For a fee, of course.. But still.  

Camel Races Reno Nevada

Have a gander at this video if you don't believe me:

To gain entry into the race, you have to become a sponsor... Which, I am thinking: How great of a sponsorship opportunity would this be for KEELEY KRAFT?!  It's like a match made in heaven!  That's just the kind of bizarre endeavor that this brand is destined for.  And anyone WILD enough to watch these wild animals and equally crazy jockeys go for the gold, is EXACTLY the kind of reader I aim to reach.   I've officially started saving.. because APPARENTLY you have to drop more dough to ride the ostriches (I think only professionals can ride the zebras) than the camels.. And not to sound like a TOTAL SNOB, but I have already ridden a camel.. And those humps made my hiney hurt for a good 2 days.. And I mean, ostriches seem more fluffy and padded, am I right?  Haha, I still can't even get over the words that are showing up on the screen as I write this.. Pure insanity!

Ostrich Race Nevada Arizona

So if you want to watch Keeley Kraft take it all in the ostrich finals... and win by o-strich, the International Camel Races take place September 5 - 7, 2014 in Virginia City, Nevada.  Mull on it.  And also, have an outstanding weekend!

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