Culinary Chronicles

I'm having canapes and libations with a dear friend of mine whom I've known since we were mere babes (wait scratch that, we're still babes! :).  Anyway, my friend is a phenomenal cook with has no doubt played a large role in honing her fearless and refined palate.  Lucky for the world, she has graciously chronicled some of her palate's most prominent adventures of her delightful food + travel blog, which you can read here.  Probably my favorite post from her blog was on a "Titonic Dinner Party" she threw in which everyone had to dress as if they were guests on the Titanic and indulged in a ship-like affair replete with the likes of "Gin and Titonics" and a "White Out" cake, meant to serve as an ode to the ominous iceberg (moment of silence).  

I will whet your palate with a teaser photo for this creative celebration:


... But you'll have to visit the source of this Nautical Themed Dinner Party for more deets from this epic event, here.  

Speaking of Nautical Theme Dinner Parties, I can think of the PERFECT accessory to complete your sea-inspired spread: Etched Nautical Wine Glasses!

(You had to know that was coming... :)

And with that said, I'm off to get my feast on at happy hour but y'all should seriously check out her blog Lauren Loves Food... You won't be disappointed, as my friend is one of the most well-traveled people I know and coupled with her curious culinary spirit, her blog basically makes her akin to a female version of Anthony Bourdain, in my opinion.

Your's truly also makes a guest appearance on the blog, so see if you can find me! Kind of like a game of "Where's Keeley Kraft?" :) 

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