Now Work It Out...

I've added "working out" to my daily regimen and I'm going to level with you, I don't know that it belongs there... It's just too much to swing in one day when you add the necessary shower afterwards, the transportation to and fro, and my least favorite part, the actual working out.  I'm sure what I'm most upset about deep down is how much it cuts into my self-prescribed daily dose of TV watching where I can just zoneee out...   But nonetheless, I'm going to give the whole exercise thing the old college try for at least a week or so (that's the goal anyhow). 

How does this affect you, you may be wondering?  Well... Another unfortunate side effect, is that this added segment of time squeezed into an already crowded day is basically sinking the boat and causing my thoughts to become awash with nonsense.  Therefore, as a precautionary measure, I'm just going to hit y'all with a barrage of photos and hope you're cool wit dat!  But: there is a theme before I go on my photo posting rant... All of these photos are of rooms designed by the incomprehensibly talented interior designer, Ashley Whittaker.  I often find myself pinning/saving all these really cool unique photos and come to find out that they are all by the same interior designer - Miss Whittaker.   Hopefully these will inspire you as they do me to try to find that perfect balance between zen and whim(sy)! (It almost rhymes... :).

                                          I go NUTS for nooks like this!

                                          I go NUTS for nooks like this!


And, lastly... It must be noted that the following photo is my fave. 


Hard to believe those are all the same designer, right?  I love that she's making her mark through versatility and uniqueness within every space... The lady can work it... Work it out! .... ;(

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