I just realized I never officially announced two new additions to the Keeley Kraft shop on the Keeley Kraft blog! I added these items about a month ago so maybe this isn't news to you if you're up on the happs here at KK... But in case you didn't know, Keeley Kraft has come out with two new wine glass styles:

(I originally made a typo when I first typed that out and I accidentally wrote "The Mojogram Glads" which sounds like an appropriate Freudian slip if you ask me... Meaning, that a set of these glasses are pretty much guaranteed to boost your mojo.  In fact, I might even offer a money back guarantee on that... Update on that to follow :).

The pictured monogram style is just one of many monogram options available.  Depending on how many letters you want in your monogram, the authorities that be at Keeley Kraft will send you several monogram options to choose from to have etched on your glasses.

The other new style is a bit of an offshoot from the Monogrammed Glasses but was basically created with the idea in mind that everyone in a group would have their own letter etched onto a glass, allowing each person to distinguish their glasses with their initial on it, from the others and avoid confusion (and the sharing of germs, ugh!


So there you have it!  New goods in the shop - get 'em while they're hot!

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