The Palm Desert Strut

Sup y'all?  Howz your Tuesday hangin'?  Today, in keeping with the proposed common thread for the posts this week, I'm going to post about Coachella style and fashion.  I bet you all didn't see that one coming from a mile away.  Yes, the obligatory Coachella fashion post is ripe pickins for a blogger such as myself and I am not about to miss out this opp for nobody or nothing - no siree bub!

So let's cut to the chase... I'm not going mince words here because we've got a lot to get through... In other words, there was a flagrant disregard for editing on my part with regard to this topic so this isn't going to be your standard stop-and-chat style post.  Buckle up and get ready for a thorough ride of inspirations.  Brrrrrrm brrrrrum:

Get it  HERE .

Get it HERE.

Get them  HERE .

Get them HERE.

See my post on  Flash Tats .

See my post on Flash Tats.

Get some  here .

Get some here.

Find out how to DO THIS YOURSELF,  here .

Find out how to DO THIS YOURSELF, here.

And now, for a good ol' fashioned round up for you all to outfit yourselves in a similar fashion. BOOM.

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Aww yeah... Pump up the jam, pump it up!  I'm gittin' amped!

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