A Hair-Brained Idea

HOLA COMPADRES!  Welcome to the start of a new week! (How's that for positivity?!)  I hope your weekends were swell!  Mine was eventful, to say the least.  It even included winning a bet in which my friend has to buy all of my drinks whenever we hang out for the next two months (I have a feeling I won't be seeing him much during the next few months :) and ended with attending a WrestleMania party - which was WILD! (Spoiler alert: The Undertaker got taken! TALK ABOUT AN UPSET! #ThankYouTaker).  Anyway, fun times.

Speaking of fun times, this upcoming weekend I'm heading to C*O*A*C*H*E*L*L*A.  Woot woot!  This will be my fourth year attending the epic music festival in Indio (Palm Springs), CA and needless to say, I. AM. PUMPED.  To lead up to my departure, the posts this week will have a Coachella theme to them, so if you're not going and me talking about it is like rubbing salt in your jealous wounds - consider yourself warned. :)

Now, if you know anything about Coachella, you know that the festival is just as much about the fashion and the scene as it is about the music.  I would be lying if I told you that I hadn't had my outfits for each day that I'll be there, planned out for a month already (buuut keep that to yourselves).  Falling under the general fashion umbrella, hair styles are not something to be overlooked in the planning stages either!  The first year I went, it was totes the thing to have those feather extensions in your hair, then it was the 70's style hippie headbands, and then it was flowers and flower crowns, then headdresses - but one thing is unequivocally certain: braids are always accepted.  They supersede all other hair trends as they rank high on the scale of hippie expression.  Thus, if you can figure out a way to weave a tiny braid in and amongst your hairs, you are as good as golden.  (I am speaking generally to the ladies here but I doubt a lad would be turned away if they showed up sporting one too).  Lucky for me, I came across this super sick way to incorporate the small braid at this place on the internet called Pinterest, and lucky for you all - I'm going to share it with you!!  You flock of lucky ducks, you!   Behold:

Pretty groovalicious, huh?  Now if you're going too, consider this my official permission to use the style too but with the caveat that if we run into each other and we're both rocking this braided hair headband, you have to say I found it first... Deal?  K cool.

Happs on the Monday, y'all!

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