This might be weird and after I say it, you may be all like "Uh Keeley, that's ridiculous."  Or you might be right there with me.  Either way, I'm going to make my case for my opinion nonetheless.  Do you feel like whenever you put on sneakers, you gain more energy?  Every time I lace up a pair of "tennis shoes," I feel instantly transformed.  I suddenly want to boogie down, engage in some "kung faux fighting" or just generally JUMP AROUND.  Obviously "tennies" are not practical for every application but they are slowing becoming more socially acceptable for an increasing number of scenarios.

But most importantly, there is something about sneakers that is unquestionably - COOL.  Once you've got your sneaks on, tied up in whatever bow/knot style fits you best, it's like you've got an armor on.  An armor that molds perfectly to your feet and allows you to deflect anything you might otherwise give a sh*t about... which is obviously the definition of being cool (Cool (ko͞ol/): not giving even one sh*t).  Additionally, you're not ever going to be held back by your sneaker and wind up looking like a chump, like you could with a flip flop, a heel or a chunky heel.  Just TRY and flat tire my sneaker... You can't, cuz I'm too fast. 

Anyway, I think I think I'm getting off track here (haha, semi-pun).  We'll move on.

So what prompted this "sneak attack," you might be wondering?  Well because I got a brand new pair of kicks myself today, that's why!  And, I have been bouncing all over the place ever since slipping them on my feet and am just BURSTING to talk about them... and others of their nature.

Here's some photos of some ladies rocking the sneaks who are easily TOO LEGIT TO QUIT!

Atlantic Pacific Converse.JPG
Black Dress Black Converse.jpg
Blazer and Sneakers.jpg
Converse and Striped Shirt.jpg
Converse Outfit.jpg
Girl Wearing white High Tops.jpg
Colored Pants and Converse.jpg
High tops and Leather Pants.jpg
Blazer and Converse.jpg
Girls Wearing Red Converse All Stars.jpg
Girls Wearing Chuck Taylors White.jpg
Atlantic Pacific Sneakers Converse Shoes.jpg
Sneakers and a skirt.jpg
Jean Shorts and Converse.jpg
Red Sneakers and Trench Coat.jpg
Tights and Sneakers.jpg
Trench Coat and Converse.jpg
Sneakers and Dresses.jpg

And for your viewing pleasure, a little round up of some fresh-to-death kicks:

Girls Wearing Converse All Stars Chuck Taylors Sneakers.jpg

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Get 'em while they're HAUTE!

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