Ace Is The Place

Last night I engaged in a "proper" happy hour at the brand spankin' new ACE Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.  If you've been reading this blog for a while now, you are no doubt aware, that as far as I'm concerned, the Ace Hotel brand can do no wrong.  (See my posts about two of their other locations here and here).  There had been speculative rumors going around for the past year and half, or so, that an Ace Hotel would be opening in downtown Los Angeles, which was of particular interest to me as my parents own a loft there, my office is there and my sister lives there (see photos of her downtown Los Angeles loft), but I dismissed said rumors as too-good-to-be-true pretty much up until the point that they opened their doors - literally right across the street from my office (and also next door to my parents' building).  And then, at that moment, I had to comprehend the fact that my fantasy and reality had become one - T.R.I.P.P.Y.

Ace Hotel DTLA Exterior.jpg

So anyway, yesterday afternoon, the stars aligned for me to experience this gem in true après work fashion.  My cousin was in town visiting and my sister made things happen so that we scored a primo spot on the roof just as the sun was setting and we were sipping 'champs (and PBR tall boys) amidst insane views.  One might say it was, idyllically ideal.  My official ruling is: the Downtown LA Ace does not disappoint! 



Now, since we were talking about Happy Hour after all, in terms of the edible kind of refreshments, there is a lacking, if you're actually hungry.  To rectify this situation, however, I was told by our server, that I could go downtown stairs to the adjacent best-little-taco-stand-north-of-the-border, "Taco's Mexico" (where my dad has been know to satisfy a case of the drunk munchies - yes, that actually happened) and bring 'em back up to enjoy, in true B.Y.O.Food. fashion.  A better solution or the BEST solution to "hangry" situation?  Now, if you are just in the mood for something light (and perhaps also nostalgic), you can access their selection of throwback snacks (read: Bugles, Red Vines, Peanut M&M's) from your rooftop seat, as those items actually are on the Ace rooftop menu.  Random sidenote, I know, but I felt it best you know your options going in, so you can plan accordingly... you're welcome.


In other non-consumption news about this PL-ACE, the whole vibe is on-point.  The hotel is housed in the old United Artist building and was restored just enough to nail the purpose without losing its remarkable original features.  To give you some quick history, the building was initially built in 1927 and was the tallest building in the city for one year after its completion.  It was designed by the renown theater architect at the time, C. Howard Crane, who was commissioned by the "United Artists" (a group of united artists, formed with the intention of controlling their own interests rather than depending upon the powerful commercial studios).  The United Artists Corporation was founded by Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, and DW Griffith.  The theater, a classic movie palace, deemed "the final word in theatre construction" by Motion Picture News in 1927, was the first of many constructed by United Artists and served as the first major premier house located in Los Angeles rather than in New York City.  The theater was built in a Spanish Gothic-stlye and is lavished with ornate details meant to mimic the Segovia Cathedral in Segovia, Spain.   

I mean, how cool is cool?!

The theater, in my humble opinion, can be described in no other way than: OUT OF CONTROL.  See for yo'self:

Theater at the Ace Hotel Los Angeles.jpg
Ace Los Angeles Theater United Artists.jpg
Ace Hotel Theater Opening.jpg

There is a restaurant on the ground level which is superb (I speak from experience).  And the rooms are true-to-form Ace style - unique, casual, cool but cozy, and with a pinch of hipster (just the right amount ;). The pool sits on the roof separated by a classically trendy bar from the lounge area where I mentioned earlier.  Please feel free to peruse more photos of the hotel below:

Ace Hotel Los Angeles.JPG
Ace Hotel LA Restaurant.jpg
Ace Hotel DTLA Bar.jpg
Ace Hotel LA Pool.jpg
Ace Hotel LA Theater.JPG
Hotel Room Ace DTLA.jpg
Downtown LA Coffee Ace Hotel.jpg
Rooftop at the Ace LA.jpg
Pool at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles.jpg

Quite simply, it is the ULTIMATE addition to this area of downtown and I could not be more excited to welcome it to the neighborhood - which I will do by patronizing the sh*t out of it, obvi!  I highly recommend you do the same if you are in or around the downtown Los Angeles area at any point.

And with that said, enjoy your weekends, ya party animals!

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