Gittin' My Drool On..

If you're one who is out and about on the design blogoscene, then this post may be a bit redundant for you... but honestly, that's no reason not to bask in the inspiration one more time around.  And if that sphere is not really your "scene" but you can respect it, then allow me to blow your mind and reduce your control over keeping the saliva in your mouth 'cuz I'm about to have you droolin'.. no foolin'!

Christine Dovey, writer of the uber-popular blog, Bijou and Bohome and also an extremely talented interior designer, just allowed another celeb-status blog, Style Me Pretty: Living, to post photos of her home, HERE.. and let me tell you, it's got design enthusiasts all up in a tizzy.  Personally, I DIE.  And so, I thought I would share the greatness with all of my readers just in case these photos had not circulated into your purview. 

Therefore, BEHOLD, this classically glamorous abode that will leave you incurably jealous of the fact that you don't get to live among such perfection. 

Christine Dovey Kitchen.jpg
Christine Dovey Bijou and Boheme Kitchen.jpg
Bijou and Boheme Kitchen Countertop.jpg
Christine Dovey Bar Tray.jpg
Bijou and Boheme Christine Dovey Kitchen.jpg
Christine Dovey Dining Room.jpg
Christine Dovey Dining Table.JPG
Christine Dovey Foyer.jpg
Chrisine Dovey Leopard Living Room.jpg
Bijou and Boheme Living Room.jpg
Christine Dovey House.jpg
Christine Dovey Styling.jpg
Christine Dovey Sink.jpg
Christine Dovey Bathroom Design.jpg
Christine Dovey Bath.jpg
Christine Dovey Closet.jpg
Christine Dovey Daughters Room.jpg
Christine Dovey Home.jpg
Christine Dovey Little Girls Bedroom.jpg
Christine Dovey Daughter Bedroom.jpg
Christine Dovey Girls Room.jpg
Bijou and Bohome Daughters Bedroom.jpg
Christine Dovey Nursery.jpg
Christine Dovey Baby Room.jpg
Christine Dovey Crib.jpg
Bijou and Boheme Nursery.jpg
Mushroom Home Decor.jpg
Christine Dovey Laundry Room.jpg
Bijou and Boheme Basement.jpg
Christine Dovey Downstairs Living Room.jpg
Christine Dovey Basement.jpg

Did I lie?

Psh, of course not!  J'ADORE!

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