A "Hearty" Treat

This past Christmas, I received the most delightful book as a gift.  I wouldn't quite call it a cookbook, although it does have a number of delectable and darling recipes but it also has other random elements in it including crafts and specialty drinks and table settings... It is an eclectic book, to say the least... It's overarching theme/ the title of the book is: "The Vintage Tea Party" and it basically covers any variation of tea party ideas you could dream of. 

Vintage Tea Party Book Anthropologie.JPG

I also want to mention that I received the book as a gift from my dad.. which makes it that much more adorable in my opinion.  I suspect my mom and Anthropologie may have helped in this gift choice, but still. 

Anyway, despite receiving it for Christmas, it has some awesome stuff in there for all holidays and non-holidays.. So today I want to share with you a Valentines Day related recipe from the source:


Probably one of the simplest little "dishes" ever, I think this would be the perfect V-Day breakfast... The book claims it takes about 10 min to make and it combines chocolate and hearts, so I don't see how one could go wrong with busting this out for their loved one.  

The ingredients are as follows (makes 6):

* 1 brioche loaf
* 6 tablespoons of hazelnut chocolate spreah (ahem.. Nutella)
* 1 free-range egg, beaten
* 10g (1/4 oz) butter
* it doesn't mention this in the recipe but if you can get your hands on a heart shaped cookie cutter, that may cut down on time and increase your accuracy later on.. just sayin.'

And the instructions:

1.  Cut 12 slices of brioche, each about 1/2 an inch thick.

2. Spread 6 slices with a tablespoon of hazelnut chocolate spread each.  Place the other 6 slices on top to make sandwiches.  Cut into heart shapes (this is when your cookie cutter should be used, if you have one).

3.  Coat each sandwich with a little beaten egg.  Melt the butter in a frying pan and fry the sandwiches on a medium heat until golden brown on both sides.  Serve immediately.

Toasted Chocolate Hearts Recipe 2.JPG

I'm sure I didn't really need to spell all that out for you proficient peeps, but just in case you're an oaf in the kitchen (cough: me), here's the official play by play.

Hope you're all getting amped up for the holiday of lurve.


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