An Important Reminder

It's another one of those days here at Keeley Kraft.. I'm pooped after another long day of werk.  I been etching glasses like a damn fool, don'tcha know?!  But I don't want to leave y'all hanging, my BFFs.  So, I just want to leave you with one very important piece of advice before the day turns into the next in my section of the world:

Don't Forget to Be Awesome Keeley Kraft.jpg

Not to be taken lightly, folks.  

This girl got the memo: 



And so did this bathroom: 



I'm thinking this has to be the same room, right?  

Paris apartment of Jean-Louis Denio.jpg

I'm too tired to research, so I'm going to go with reader popular opinion instead (SO much more reliable, obviously! ).

And..... That's All Folks!  You're welcome for my daily dose of nonsense!  XOXO


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