Welcome Back to the Grind-er

Hey there party people! Welcome back to the grind...  I'm extrapolating here, but based on the mountain of work I had to accomplish and for the most part did, today felt particularly grind-worthy... I was a hustlin' today, yo!

Speaking of "the grind" do y'all remember that "coffee grinder" move that when you were young and you mastered it, you felt like you were on your way to becoming a legit break dancer?  You know, the one where you would spin your one leg all the way around in a circle with your hands planted on the ground and you would do a little hop with your other leg when your spin leg reached an obstacle (otherwise known as your other leg) during your rotation?  (It fell either closely behind or ahead of "the worm" in terms of difficulty)... And then, when you got a little older, you realized there actually was a big difference between the coffee grinder and say, "real break dancing" such as successfully executing a head spin or a "windmill"?  Anybody?  Anybody else harbor dreams of becoming a professional break dancer when they grew up, only to have their dreams shattered by.. reality? 

Well, in case you forgot about this lackluster move, BGirl Terra will remind you in the following video as well as simultaneously blowing your mind.. as the coffee grinder is literally the LEAST of her tricks..

For your viewing pleasure, may I present the most legit 6 year old break dancer I have ever come across: 

As excited as I got about this it was immediately followed by a quick bout of depression when I realized this little nugget is cooler at 6 than I ever have been or will be in my life.  Let's be honest, she pretty much puts every self-respecting dancer to utter shame.   

But more importantly than letting this post get you down, let's just acknowledge that:

1. Terra, hands down (literally), knows how to get down


2. This "BGirl" is one B.A.M.F.   

And channel the inevitable envy into swagger by taking a cue from the BGirl wonder that is Terra.  Way to get down with get down, gurl!  Ima gonna ride that mantra straight through this week.   


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