A Hail Mary Post

So... I'm going to come clean with you guys.. I flew back to LA from Colorado today and our flight was delayed for three hours... which (as I found out en-route) garnered us free "adult" beverages.  I say us because, coincidentally my friend from college was on the flight too!  Yay!  And, long story short, I'm not one to pass up a good deal when I see one.. SO: I'm writing this article a little buzzed.  But because I'm not too far gone to know that writing a long post in this state would be a bad idea, I am going to give you a truly epic photo, and hope that the age-old adage will apply in this situation...

"A picture is worth a thousand words" 

(By that measurement, this might be my longest post to date).   

Did I deliver or did I deliver?

Did I deliver or did I deliver?

And P.S. I have the same blanket as the one pictured.  I got it from this awesome antique store and according to the sales clerk, got an insane deal (which I'm sure she says to everyone).  Apparently these blankets are quite the collector's item. But the coolest part about my blanket is that it smells like syrup... And because I'm a freak, I LOVE that it does.

Anyway, have a good night y'all!  I think I will too! :) 

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