Pinterest Piqued

Since my late-to-the-game debut into Pinterest, I have also been privy to Pinterest's (in my opinion) overbearing email marketing.  Don't get me wrong, I lurve Pinterest, but they HAVE to know addicted I already am, so why they must they add to my daily email barrage?  

Just as I was about to reach a point of actual frustration with the beloved Pinterest, life pulled its usual stunt and mocked my very convictions by hitting me with an email from the "P" that I found so exciting that and am now writing a blog article about it. 

Here was the gist of the email:  

Did you know you can follow the home decor related boards of Lauren Conrad, Diane Keaton, and Jessica Alba...!? 

Because the email was from Pinterest itself, I trusted that these were the true boards of the celebrities themselves.  I'm sure this concept is not all that different from what Twitter is, when you follow a famous person, but since I don't use Twitter, to me, it is profound.  And if you really dissect the differences between following a celebrity on Twitter versus one on Pinterest, I think it comes down to this: On Pinterest it feels like you're getting a less edited version.  Celebrities (like everyone) seem to craft what they put on Twitter as a means to influence and mold their image as well as trying to garner online activity from the tweet or even Facebook post with a motive to promote.  With Pinterest, pins seems to come more from a personal place in which you are trying to file, store and organize images that are important to you for your own personal benefit.  What you Pin doesn't have an overwhelming influence on your public persona.  

And thus, when I opened the email to delete it, a switch went on and I was desperately trying to follow each celebrity board as though this exciting opportunity would be for a limited time only.  I'm sure all you "Pinners" are getting tailored emails sent to you as well based on your pinning habits and who knows, maybe even got "access" to a list of other celebrities' home decor blogs.. but I'm weirdly psyched that I know what kind of interior design styles Jess, Diane and Lo are all about. So basically I'm every marketers ideal target maret.

So if you want to pinterestalk along with me, here are the links for the aforementioned celeb home boards.  

Lauren Conrad 

Diane Keaton

Jessica Alba

If you think it's a little too "groupie", let me just show you some of the gems I found on these famous people's boards:

From the LC "Collection" 

From the Keaton "Collection" 

From the Alba "Collection" 

Are you convinced yet?  Come on, join me in this voyeuristic portal into the inside lives of select celebs... you know you secretly want to..   

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