Nutellin' Me!

Today I am feeling stressed by the need to get everything done before I head out of town this weekend.  And apparently my post topic for today is indicative of that.  When I’m stressed I medicate with this thing called: Sugar.  But since there’s not enough content to write a post about how to go to the grocery store and buy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream (just as an example, of course).  I’m going to tell you about the tastiest combination ever. Which requires very little prep and a controversial condiment, making it perfect for concocting something divine before the guilt creeps in (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything..).

Here it goes:

  • Pita Bread  
  • Bananas (which I learned today are good for nerves, hangovers, depression, PMS, anemia, heartburn, ulcers, morning sickness and also, MOSQUITO BITES – rub the infected area with the inside of a banana skin )
  • Peanut Butter
  • Nutella
Banana Nutella Peanut Butter Panini.JPG

So, you make a sandwich using the pita bread as the toasts.  Spread the PB on one side, the Nutella hazelnut-chocolate-heaven on the other, slice up a banana to add to it and grill/press the sandwich like a Panini.  And then try not to eat so much that your stomach hurts after. 

It’s all very complicated but hopefully this in-depth tutorial will help.  Can you tell that I’m quite the chef at my house?

I’ve been addicted to this stuff at several points in my life and I’m starting to see the writing on the wall that my life is probably headed in that direction again.  What can I say?  The shit is bananas… B-A-N-A-N-A!

Nutella Banana PB Panini.jpg

So, if you’re feeling mads about me informing you about this delicious goodness, well, don’be (don’t worry, I get it, I am often met with mixed feelings of euphoria and rage when people tell me about new desserts too).  But in this case, I’m also here today to tell you about Prancercise (created by Joanna Rohrback of Prancercise, LLC) which is sure to burn off all of those calories with the most awkward/questionably seductive workout I’ve seen to date:

It’s probably going to take the nation by storm any day now.  PLEASE have a go at it and tell me how it goes!

I personally, am off to stuff myself silly with Nutella and the gang of ingredients.     

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