Is posting about the Sons of Anarchy on this blog just a total contradiction?  I was debating this briefly and then I realized, absolutely not!   Allow me to elaborate in two words: Charlie Hunnam.

Charlie Hunnam Sons of Anarchy.jpg

Mmm Mmm.  He plays the show's main character, Jax (a sexy name for a sexy man) and he does so, superbly.  You may recognize this pretty face from Green Street Hooligans where he was also frankly, hot as all hell too.. In a totally opposite and equally badass way. Just like the honey badger, Mr. Hunnam's characters don't give a sh*t which is EXACTLY what makes him SO FINE...  And if you weren't convinced of his appeal after my lusting, Hollywood has validated it by making him the official "Christian Grey" in the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey movie.  But alright, enough of my celeb crushing/love manifesto. 

I do want to educate you all about why this show is so gosh darn "Charming."  If that word choice seems out of place, I challenge you to watch the show to figure out why I chose it :).  The show, albeit incredibly violent, portrays a love story riddled with complications but enduring and a brotherhood bond that supersedes friendship to the level of acting as a family.  Mostly though, the show has inspired me to want to get a Harley one day and cruise up the California coast with the wind in my hair. And if that's not a compelling reason to watch, I don't know what else to tell you stubborn TV elitists ;).   


I will look  exactly  like that too.

I will look exactly like that too.

For all you existing fans, you've earned your patches in my book but let me throw some show trivia at you (non-watchers can "tune out" for this next paragraph): The show was written by Katey Sagal's (reference: Married With Children wife) real life husband, Kurt Sutter.  Kurt Sutter is also in the show and plays the character Otto.  Katey Sagal plays one of the show's main characters, Gemma, who is Jax's (ahem, Charlie Hunnam's) mother.  And... Katey Sagal's real life sister-in-law, McNally Sagal, also acts in the show, playing the hospital administrator.

Sons of Anarchy Katey Sagal Kurt Sutter.JPG

Fortunately for you, I've kindly prepared a collection of how to achieve that "Hot Biker Chic" look for all you patient readers:

Unfortunately for me, I've already purchased three items from this collection. 

And, I've gathered some motorcycle-inspired home d├ęcor photos in keeping with the theme of this bloggity blog:

Motorcycle Inspired Decor.jpg
Dark Bathroom.jpg
Dark Living Room.jpg
Bohemian Home Black and White.jpg
70's Bohemian Home Decor.jpg
Rock and Roll Bedroom.jpg
Bohemian Chair with Dream Catcher.jpg
Motorcycle Glam Kitchen.jpg

The season 6 premiere airs tonight in just a few hours (yes, I meant to get this post out sooner) on FX and you know where I'll be: Sittin' bright eyed and bushy tailed in front of my television set, dreaming of becoming Jax's old lady. 


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