Annie Get Yer (Paint) Gun

A reader contacted me after yesterday’s post and asked if I had heard about Annie Sloan paints.  I hadn't, so I put the name into Google and immediately found a world of links and photos attributed to this lady.   It appears that the breadth of project types one can complete with Annie Sloan’s paints is vast, and impressive. 

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.jpg

I found this overly-dramatic video claiming that this paint was the Best Paint in the World!  The video reveres Annie like she was the next Thomas Edison or had found the cure for cancer..  And for that reason, I would recommend you watch it purely for amusement’s sake.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: Annie Sloan - The Paint, The Person.

Although, after seeing the video, I was legitimately fascinated.  I mean, people with British accents giving such strong endorsements, made the whole thing seem very serious and credible.   My favorite line in the video is “it does come with a health warning from me, it is addictive. “  Heed that advice, readers!

Chalk Paint Annie Sloan.png

In Annie’s defense, she has accelerated the refinishing timeline quite significantly.  The process requires no sanding, priming, or need for rollers and also provides for a quick drying time with usually a 2 coat max for most projects. 

Annie Sloan Dresser.jpg

The Albert Einstein of painting has also come up with a way to make brush lines virtually disappear with use of the Chalk Paint.  Genius!

Annie Sloan Desk Chair.png

To successfully execute an "Annie Sloan," you’re going to need both the Chalk Paint and the Soft Wax.  It is recommended that you also purchase the (expensive) special wax brush to avoid headaches down the road.

Annie Sloan Chalk and Wax.jpg

To begin, you should dump the can upside down for about a minute to allow the “nectar” that has settled at the bottom to be mixed around.  A little shaking and stirring is also advised.  Then, you apply the Chalk Paint using a paint brush (despite what the title of this post would lead you to believe), like normal.  You’re probably going to need to do two coats but my sources tell me that the paint provides  50% more coverage compared to latex paints, so the 1 quart can that the paint is sold in, can go a long way.   Also, it’s best not to paint with this stuff in the heat.  Don’t ask?

Blue and White Cabinet.jpg

After the paint dries, the finish will probably appear very flat and dull, which is why you’ll be itching to spread wax all over it.  Waxing the paint also provides protection.  Due to the properties of the Chalk Paint, the chalky finish can be permanently stained from the oils in your skin or stains from beverages.  Therefore, it’s important to seal the paint with the wax finish to protect it.


If you’re going for that smooth, non-distressed look, you will apply the wax after the paint has dried (it’s mentioned incessantly not too apply to much wax, and after you’ve applied the wax with a paint brush, to wipe down the piece with a dry rag to remove any tackiness - no pun intended?).  If you’re wanting an antiqued, worn look, sand the piece after painting it with a 120 grit sandpaper and then apply the wax.

Dresser with Rope Pulls.jpg

See, easy peasy! 

If you are interested in jumping aboard the Chalk Paint Train, The Purple Painted Lady, who deems herself an “Annie Sloan Paintologist,” has an entire tutorial blog dedicated to using these magical paints. 

Fair warning though, reviews state that the paint is not for the faint of wallet, as far as supplies go.  The stuff is what we call, “high-end.”

You can also find more how to information here and here.

Annie Sloan Painted Washer and Dryer.jpg

The paint boasts that it can be applied to almost any surface, which according to one review, includes bath tubs (as well as metals, plastics and concrete - see above).  I love the idea of painting the outside of a free standing bathtub with a can of the black Chalk Paint.  With claw feet.  Can you imagine it?   Here are some pictures of exactly that in case your imagination isn’t running wild with the thought:

Marie Claire Mason Claw Foot Tub.jpg

Jenna Lyon's (J. Crew's creative director) bathroom. J'adore

Jenna Lyon's Bathroom.jpg

This one's just weird, so I had to share.  It puts the vain in vanity (almost?).

Black Bath Tub.jpg

Just one, sexy, shade of gray. 

Gray and White Bathroom.jpg

If you're seeing red.. 

Red Bath Tub.jpg

And since, actually, orange is the new black

Orange Bathtub.jpg

Might have to give ‘er a try!

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