An Aura-cle

This post may squander any credibility I've accumulated on here but it's probably time you knew the truth about my so-called-cred anyhow and therefore I'm "green-lighting" it... Or actually, "purple-lighting" it (that joke will make sense at the end of this post... hopefully :).  

I'm one of those people who loves those stupid personality quizzes, any chance to take one, I'm all over it!  Call it vanity or just plain silliness, who knows... But I do believe there is a small part of them that can trigger introspection and cause people to think about how they relate to others.  Either way, the well known flaw with most of these tests is that I can't recall ever a time when I've taken one and the resulting personality description has been "wrong."  There's an obvious amount of adjusting expectations to fit the result and a definite degree of wanting to possess the mentioned attributes (whether they are reflective of your personality or not) - this due in large part to a lack of negative qualities ever being mentioned in the descriptions.  We'll coin that concept as "making-the-shoe-fit syndrome" something Cinderella's step-sisters know all about baha!  There's also the undeniable issue of controlling the outcome based on predictable quiz question answers, thus allowing people to steer the direction of their personality result.  And frankly, this quiz I'm about to share with you is no exception to any of those aforementioned margins of error.  But bottom line, I don't really care, enough of this pontificating!  I'm happy with my result and I'm sticking to it.  


The quiz will tell you what your aura is... Wait, wait, don't X out of the screen just yet!  I swear, it doesn't get too bizarre in a hippy-dippy way, and trust me, I would know.  I encourage you to take the quiz because it's light and it's fun and isn't there a weird part of you deep down that 's a wee bit curious to know what your aura is?  Or what an aura even is?

Well first, the technical definition of an aura is: the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.  The elaborate/incorporeal definition (summarized) basically says that an aura is a paranormal/spiritual field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object.  There is debate over whether an aura is possessed by only those with a particular power or holiness versus the notion that all living things manifest an aura.  In this case, we are going to go with the latter belief.

This very definition may contradict your belief that an aura can be told through a computer quiz, but I suppose that is for you to decide, not me.

So, after that definition, if your interest is piqued, you can click HERE to take the quiz for yourself, if for nothing else than for a little chuckle.  

And if anyone was wondering, It turns out my aura is PURPLE.  Which I love because in my fave flick, Almost Famous, there is this scene where this hippy girl keeps telling William, the main character that his aura is purple while he is talking on the phone to his worried mother and the girl keeps repeating herself louder and louder.. which my sister and I always joke about.  So imagine my delight when my aura turned out to be purple too! 

I also love it because it says I am intuitive, seeking, creative, kind, self-sacrificing, growth oriented, VERY wise and rare.... Naturally, I agree ;). 

Also, if you feel so inclined and want to wave your aura flags loud and proud, I would LOVE it if anyone commented on this post with what your aura's are!  I'm beyond curious to know the presiding aura of my readers... or maybe we'll make an exciting discover denoting that only certain auras are brave enough to comment and which ones those are! ;).


- Peace, Love and H̶i̶p̶p̶i̶n̶e̶s̶s̶ Happiness

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