Zig Zag Zisters

I'm in the throws of giving my boudoir a little makeover but am not quite ready to show you guys any of that just yet, so hold onto your horses! Geez!  However, I will give you a little teaser:  It involves this going over my bed + headboard setup...

                                                See more photos,  here .

                                                See more photos, here.

Pretty WILD, right?!  It's either going to look out of control rad or kinda weird.  Cross your fingers for me for the former.

Another upgrade I'll be doing is painting over the wallpaper on this wall:

Wallpaper Nook.JPG

Ok, full disclosure: that "wall" is not actually wallpapered... a wood board that was cut to be the same size of that wall was wallpapered AND most importantly, I no longer live in that room with that nook, so "that wall" we spoke of, no longer exists in my life. 

You see, I designed the project specifically for that nook space and since it was a rental unit that I was living in at the time (I'm still living in a rental unit, just a different one), I wallpapered a board to mimic a wall so I wouldn't have to take off the wallpaper (and essentially waste it since, if you know about wallpaper, it's not exactly cheap) and have to repaint over it when I moved out (because, just moving in and of itself is enough to drive a girl insane!).  So when I moved, my wallpapered board came with me... to a room with no nook.  And there is sits, leaning up against a wall, being all awkward like the wallflower it is.  And that outdated wallpaper isn't helping the situation.  BUT that's all about to be rectified REEEL soon! 

Here's what I had in mind... I'm going for kind of an exotic beachy feel which is all inspired by that tent I showed you "up there."  I wanted the color of the "board" to match the orange tassels on the sides of the tent to bring that color out more and I figured the most reliable way to ensure a close color match was to paint it.  So I got some paint samples and employed my "best-guess" color matching system to pick a color.  But I'm not one for just painting the board and calling it a day, especially when it's going to be covering up such detailed wallpaper, so I've decided on the following design for the board: 

Yellow Herringbone Wallpaper.jpg

 (And just another quick teaser:  I recently purchased this mirror and am painting it a glossy white to replace that IKEA staple framed mirror that I'm sure you've seen... EVERYWHERE). 

But instead of yellow, a peachy-orange color will fill those "blocks" of color to create a chevron pattern... or wait, is that actually a herringbone pattern?  While for many sane people, of which I am not one, figuring out the pattern would have been just dandy and they could've called it a day but for me and my overly-inquisitive, need-to-label-things mind, I had to find out: was I going to have a chevron wall or a herringbone wall?  Even though I couldn't have told you the difference between a chevron or herringbone pattern prior to 72 hours ago, I suddenly needed to know what my wall was going to be (we will NOT bring up the fact that I am actually trying to sell both a herringbone patterned chair AND a chevron patterned chair in my shop both "aptly" described and named that by your's truly).. And so the search began (I'm simply assuming you all don't know the difference either because the internet paints a picture that the difference is not well known). 

In this case, "a picture is worth a thousand words" so I will let these two examples do the talking:

Chevron vs Herringbone.jpg

The best analogy I came across was that Chevron and Herringbone are siblings but not twins.  Couldn't have said it better myself!

Now, my blogger research tells me that one of the ways I can increase blogger engagement is through "gaming" so we're going to have a little "quiz" (just like we did here).. But don't worry guys, it's just for fun and the answers will be posted at the bottom so that no one even has to know if some of these optical illusions prevented you from getting your perfect score.  (The wall pattern I'll be doing on my wall/board is "Chevron" btw).   Here are five examples for you to decide if they are herringbone or chevron:


Herringbone Floor with Chevron Paint.jpg


Chevron Wallpaper 2.jpg


Chevron Wood Floor.jpg


Herringbone Floor Wood.jpg


Chevron Backsplash.jpg


(1) H (2) C (3) C (4) H (5) C

But frankly, as far as I'm concerned, you're all winners in my book!  Now go out and kill it this week!  

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