Bobby Pin Hair Art

I've never been what you would call a "hair person."  I've had the same hairstyle that I have currently, since I started really caring about my hair in 6th grade.  However, I do think I at least have the wherewithal to spot something cool when I see it (even though I'm not going to claim I know how to do it).  So, when I saw this picture on Pinterest (where else?), it prompted me to take to the internets for some investigative work into creative ways to use bobby pins. 

Bobby Pin Hair Art.jpg

It also made me a little curious about how long the bobby pin style as we know it has been around, so I looked into that too: 

Bobby pins (known as a "kirby" or a "hair grip" in the U.K.)  have been a "thing" since 1899!! They really became popular in the 1920's, however, as the bob cut or bobbed hair trend took off and ladies needed something to keep their bobbed hair in place.  The term "bobby pin" became kind of a "slang" for "bobbing pin." 

The closest example I was able to find of what the original pin looked like was this: 

The Original Bobby Pin.jpg

While it appears their design has been altered a little (or does it?).. They mustn't have needed too much adaptation because, from what I see, they are still getting the job done in a way no other barrette can! I guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it! 

I am actually a big user of bobby pins (for functional purposes only though) and also found out from my researching, that I have been using them wrong my whole life!  Did you know that the bobby pin should be pushed into place with the wavy side down ?!?!  Because I did not.  (And frankly, they still work pretty well with the wavy side up, if you ask me!)



So without further ado, here are some pretty "unconventional" ways to enhance your hairdo' by way of the timeless bobby pin: 

Bobby Pin Triangle.jpg
Bobby Pin Bun Crown.jpg
Bobby Pin Arrows.jpg
Rainbow Bobby Pins.jpg
Bobby Pin side Pin.jpg
Pearl Bobby Pins.jpg
Embellished Studded Bobby Pins.jpg
Studded Bobby Pin.jpg
Nail Polish Bobby Pins.png
Artistic Bobby Pins.png
Bobby Pin Chain Strand.jpg
Bobby Pin Chain.jpg

Now get to work, you "krafty" beings!  And have a stu"pin"dous weekend! 

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