Some People Call Me Maurice

Because it's Friday night and I feel alright...  Oh, hey y'all hey.  I don't know about you but I'm getting pretty sick of staring at the photo of me with the bow on here so I figured I should do something about that.  My solution was to post something new - imagine that?! I know my postings on here as of late have been as spotty as AT&T's cell reception (oh dis!) and trust me, I got a bag o'excuses but quite frankly, it's Friday and who the F cares?!  My only point in bringing it up at all was to set the stage for sharing with you a place I went almost a week and a half ago and am just now getting around to talking about.  But in this case of desperation, "better late than never" is the ever apropo motto.  And so, here goes:

It was on el Cinco de Mayo that I had the opportunity to fulfill as close to a time machine fantasy as I'm probably going to come in my lifetime (although thou shalt not speak too soon and jeopardize jinxing the progress of human advancement - because our technological advancement is totally at risk of being JINXED!).  Anyone who knows me even a smidgen, knows that I would give ANYTHING to be able to have been in my 20's during the 1970's.  The jealousy I have for my parent's is RIFE, y'all.  I've already blogged on here about my obsession with the movie Almost Famous (see here) and that era in general, so when I found out that some gift from God had created a time warp of a bar right in LA, I was beside myself.  My standards were low because any nod to this time period is a treat for me, but after entering this establishment - MIND BLOWN.  They nailed it.  

Enter: Good Times at Davey Wayne's.  Your time travel experience begins immediately after your ID is checked, as you walk through a "garage sale" right off the sidewalk in Hollywood.  You are informed by the bouncer that you have the ability to buy (and haggle for, in true garage sale form) any of the items in the faux garage foyer.  I had heard of this "feature" prior to visiting the bar and was a bit skeptical that this part would be hokey at best.  But in the flesh, it was not.  I almost walked out of there with some records and vintage red plaid thermos to add to my already growing collection of unnecessary red plaid picnic items (read about my hoarding problem here) but I controlled my burning wallet (for once!) and proceeded without purchasing.  No one wants to chat up the bag lady in the bar, and I didn't want to risk anything tarnishing this experience.

Good Times at Davey Waynes Hollywood.png

Once you walk through the secret REFRIGERATOR door at the end of the "faux garage" you walk into a 1970's house party.  Shag carpet, wood paneling, jams churning on the record player... The whole 9 yards.  But what really sends you back in time and sets the mood is the other AMAZING part of the charade: everyone there seems to have gotten the memo that they better arrive dressed the part.  It's trippy, man!  At first you think the most eccentric guests are staff but then you realize, everyone else is just excited to be there as you are and that makes it even more fun!  Costume party haters, beware!  

Good Times at Davey Waynes 3.png

Once you enter the party (calling it a bar just doesn't seem right), you can head outside to the astroturf backyard, replete with hanging chairs, stringed lights and a mini airstream trailer where a long haired, bearded cat (gentleman) is mixing up cocktails and has the classic 70's magazine pinups (a la: Farrah Fawcett style) plastered on the wall behind him. Or you can venture to the back of the "house" to a bar with dim dome lighting and laid back vibes, and you can have your pick from the list of crazy concoctions with throwback song names including - "Some People Call Me Maurice," "Tiny Dancer," and "Smoke on The Water."  I wasn't ballsy enough to try the pistachio libation entitled "The Regal Beagle" but others in our gang did and were delighted with their choice.  

The "living room" area offers striped couches, a faux brick fireplace and an area for a band to perform at the back of the room - nothing special - just exactly what you would expect if you were to have a local high school band perform in your 1970's abode back then.  I also heard a  rumor after I went that there are also roller skaters performing on a glass rooftop although, I somehow missed that while I was there.  Alas! I will just have to go back!

I spent the night reveling in the glory of this righteous place and thereafter decided I needed to let all of the good people of LA know about such a gem.  Good Times at Davey Wayne's.  If you're in the LA area: GO. And have yourself a good time!

It's just GROOVY, baby!

Peace and love and happy Friday!

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