Pearly Whites

Today has already proven itself to be a weird day.  Thus far, an FBI kidnapping suspect crashed a stolen vehicle literally right outside the door to my office building and reportedly ran into one of three buildings (of which my office building is one) and had literally 100's of police looking for him.  There were also snipers on the roof of my office building just moments ago because, when he ran into the alley behind the building, I guess they decided that was their best vantage point...??? Current update: the suspect still has not been found and is believed to be armed and dangerous... Nbd!  Needless to say, shit's gettin' CRAY in downtown LA!  (Rhyming in the face of danger is WAY cooler than rhyming just because...) Also part of the current update, I may or may not be on the verge of peeing pants. Yikes!

Anyhoo, I thought I would post about literally the most random/boring thing possible amidst all of this chaos... as I watch the stolen, crashed car get towed away outside my office window.  So today, I've decided to talk about: TEETH WHITENING!  Now before you stop reading and close out of the screen, hear me out.  This actually is a pretty valuable gift of information I'm going to give you and if I am to meet my maker after I publish this article, I will die happy knowing that I have imparted this information to you all.  That's. How. Good. It. Is.

Pretty Girl Smiling White Teeth.jpg

So here goes: Did you all know that one of the most effective, easy and cheap ways to whiten your teeth (and keep your mouth clean) is probably already sitting in your medicine cabinet?  And if not there, at your local drugstore for roughly $0.99?  It's called:

Hydrogen Peroxide...

Yep.  Gargling with it/letting it sit in your mouth for about 10 min is a verified way to whiten your teeth.  Now I'm not going to claim it is an overnight miracle solution because that would just be false, but if you swish a cap full of it combined with a cap full of water around in your mouth for about 10 min every day or every few days, you will start to see positive results after about a week.  Trust me on this, I've done it myself and it has worked!  Which is nothing short of miraculous as I have a habit of consuming copious amounts of Diet Coke daily and the fact that my teeth aren't the color of tea, speaks volumes!

The other selling points for this simple at-home remedy are as follows:

1. It doesn't really taste like anything, which means it doesn't taste bad. Fact.

2. It isn't painful, unlike a lot of teeth whitening kits that feel like a thousand tiny pins pricking your gums.

3. It will rid your mouth of loads of bacteria, as an added side benefit (because clearly, aesthetic benefits rank first in priorities).  So fresh and so clean, clean!

4. Gargling with peroxide is also good for getting rid of canker sores and sore throats.  #truth

So ya, that's it.  I know this post might not seem like a lot but trust me, that's some solid gold advice right thar.  And most importantly, having white teeth increases the chances of you smiling more often and SMILING IS AWESOME!

Ok guys, I'm out.  Hopefully, I will be around to post tomorrow.


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