Garden Pizza Party

Heyyyyy you guys... Guess what?! 

I'm wearing shorts today!  I know, right?  Craaazy... but I also live in SoCal so it's not unthinkable.  There's something about breaking out the summer clothes that automatically sets my internal clock to think springtime.  Which.. has got me thinking about the blossomings of Spring. 

Spring Meme.jpg

... And that is why I thought I would post one of my FAVORITE appetizer recipes ever.  My mom has been making this dish since I was little and despite its heavy incorporation of vegetables (which have never been something I've welcomed into my diet), I have always loved this meal.  Perhaps it's because of the equally heavy incorporation of cream cheese?? 

Anyhoo, this recipe incorporates a Crescent Roll crust, cream cheese, and a colorful presentation so you can't really go wrong.  Not to mention, it is SO easy and quick to make. Bon appetit!

Crescent Roll Garden Vegetable Pizza.jpg


Tube of Crescent Rolls
2 tbs. mayo
Package of cream cheese
Dill spice
Red Onion
Bell Pepper (I prefer yellow to add more color to the pizza)

Roll out package of crescent rolls on cookie sheet and bake at 300 degrees for 6-8 min.  Spread a mixture of mayo, cream cheese and dill.  Top with chopped tomatoes, broccoli, red onions and bell peppers.  

Crescent Roll Veggie Pizza.JPG

Let cool and then cut into however you like your pizza sliced!

Veggie Pizza with Crescent Roll.jpg


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