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Hey hey party people! I have emerged from the depths of real life which has kept me disproportionately busy and prevented me from regular posting but I'm hoping that this longer-than-normal departure is behind us now and I can resume with some more dependable frequency.  So. On. That. Note...

On Tuesday, I got to sit in the control room of the studio where my mom hosts a weekly radio show called "The Life of an Entrepreneur."  Her show is an internet radio show that provides live video streaming and while I have watched the show online before (and even called in once only to get super nervous hearing myself "On Air" and forget my question entirely), this was the first time I got special access to watch the show in person (from behind a glass window).  Each week on the show, my lovely mamacita interviews an entrepreneur for an hour and gives viewers/listeners a chance to hear awesome insights into all aspects of that entrepreneur's business' formation, their process, their challenges, their lessons and really so much more!  It's an extremely fascinating show and a topic that I am particularly interested in.  

Today, my mom interviewed Jaclyn Johnson, the founder of "(No Subject)" a creatively-driven digital marketing and events agency.  I had never met Jaclyn before but my mom told me I should come to watch the show so that I could meet her because "she was so cool."  Well, like most things, my mom was right, Jaclyn is SO COOL!  And impressive!  She started her agency 5 years ago and has been going gang-busters ever since.  She has a noteworthy roster of clients as well as an adorable blog called "Some Notes on Napkins" and puts on creative workshops and events all around the country.  She is a major influencer in beauty and fashion and is a well-respected media guru across all sorts on industries.  She's also adorable in person from her style to her overall presence.  After the interview, I felt like we were really good friends but had yet to actually meet her. 

I found her story very interesting and have posted the interview below for you to watch if you have any interest in entrepreneurship, fashion and beauty brands, or just good quality life + career advice.  I just love hearing the stories and backgrounds behind highly-motivated, fascinating people.  It's so inspirational and insightful to get a glimpse of where they started, what influenced their path and how far they've come, especially from their perspective. So CH-CH-CH-CHECK IT OUT, Y'ALL:

(click video photo to watch)

(click video photo to watch)

You should also check out her blog "Some Notes on Napkins" for sure and her site "No Subject" for information on events and her services. 

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