Friday (High) Five

It's Friday, and for that I say: High fives all around!  Looks like we made it through the week!  Well done.

In other news, it has been on and off rainy all day in these parts and the dreariness is hanging around like static (the worst).  It's got me feeling like I just want to cozy up in bed all day and read a book or finish House of Cards - Season 2.  But as a person of the working class - duty calls!

BUT (there's always a but), that doesn't mean I can't day dream at my desk about curling up in one of these exquisite beds that if I did have the luxury of slipping into, I fear I might never leave!  Here are 5 (for my Friday Five) to-die-for bedroom situations.  Eat your hearts out, readers!

Michelle Nussbaumer Bedroom House Beautiful Blue Bed.jpg
Bright Pink Bedroom Rug.jpg
Mary McDonald Navy Bedroom Canopy Bed.jpg
Elle Decor Pink and Purple Bedroom.jpg
Yellow and White Canopy Bed.jpg

Apparently, I am craving color on this oh-so-gray day.  Hmm.. iiiinteresting.


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