Rockin' In The Treehouse

Doooon't worry... I didn't forget about my promise to show y'all the insides of some of the treehouses from yesterday's post.  I would. not. do that to you.  To be honest, though, I already wrote today's post and when I went to save it, it logged (no pun intended) me out and didn't save any of what I had just written... And now I'm too tired to remember everything I wrote (waa-waa).  But the thing I realized, somewhere in between my panic attack -> hyper-focus/trying-to-remember state was that: oh wait, you guys aren't here today for the pearls of my written word.. You want to see the interiors of these super sick suspended bungalows!  Well, get E.X.C.I.T.E.D.

But first, I will attempt to salvage just one little point from my unsaved scripture and that is how designing the inside of a treehouse is not a task to be taken lightly.  In my fair opinion, it should only be entrusted to those designers/decorators that have the wherewithal to comprehend the unique challenges and creative opportunities that stand (tall and strong) before them... And so, with that in mind, I present to you a wide variety of treehouse interiors.  Here you go, you little treehuggers - FEAST!

What'd I tell ya?  All over the map, right?  Talk about a tour of every type of wood you could imagine.. Which is fitting since we're talking about the "root" of where wood comes from.. Ha!  Um... I should go to bed.   XOXO

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