Pumpkin Everything Is Coming (Or Already Here)

Fall is right around the corner in this corner.  In other parts of the Northern Hemisphere it's already arrived but one thing we know for certain, is that when Starbucks busts out their Pumpkin Latte, everyone's mindset shifts to fall no matter what the temperature outside is.  But, there also something with talking about pumpkins before October hits, that just feels wrong.  Do I have your agreement in that?  Later in the post, I will unveil the perfect solution for that awkward in between time when you want it to be fall but it's just... not.  Stay tuned!

But first, I want to make some excuses (I guess it's just my thing, ok?)  It appears that I overextended myself with yesterday's post, because figuring out what to write about, following such a big announcement, seemed nearly impossible today.  So, I'm going to "undercompensate" if you will, with a super easy little post here.  But it's going to be topical so that not all is lost.  Here goes:

The following is a half step towards Pumpkins (not quite fully there but hinting at it) and it also ties in with football season because, quite honestly, since playing fantasy football, I've been thinking about America's pastime more than I ever have... ever.  So I'm going to give you guys a recipe that is pumpkin-related, defines simple, and is a show-stopping appetizer for football related parties...  Y'all ready for this?!  (Danana)



Pump up the jam, Yo Pumpkin pie it up!

(Throwback Thursday #tbt to JOCK JAMS!) 

Now look closely, because, while those may look like mini pumpkin pies to your undiscerning eye, they are actually cheese and crackers!! Ya... I know you just did a double take... You're not alone. 

So here are the ingredients:

  • Cheddar cheese
  • Triscuit Thin Crisps
  • "Chicken in a Biskit" crackers
  • Wavy stick crackers from a bag of Chex Mix
  • Whipped cream cheese
  • And here is the instruction: 

    Go to the store and buy the ingredients. 

    Oh yeah, and I guess cut the cheese.  (I mean that absolutely literally and absolutely NOT as an expression).

    Actually, there are some more detailed instructions which I will give you, if you wish to read them:

    1. Slice the cheddar into thick triangle wedges that are slightly smaller than the Triscuits and about half the height of the Chicken in a Biskit cracker when being held up horizontally (if that sounds confusing, stop reading these terrible instructions and use your own good common sense).
    2. Fill a plastic bag (like a Ziplock) with cream cheese and cut off the bottom left corner of the bag but just the smallest cut (like the size of a staple).  Squeeze all of your cream cheese to the bottom of the bag, so that the bag acts as a piping tool, like you would use to ice a cake.  
    3. Apply a dollop of cream cheese to the middle of the Triscuit, the Chicken in a Biskit Crackers, the wavy stick crackers (so that the "elements" of your faux pie hold together) and a dollop to the middle of the cheddar cheese wedge to act as whipped cream. 
    4. Assemble.  Place the cheese wedge on top of the Triscuit, Chicken in a Biskit on back of cheese wedge, and wavy crackers on top of cheese wedge.


    Now what did I tell you darlings, EASY AS PIE! 

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