“In a World” Is, In A Word, Fantastic.

This weekend I saw “In A World.”  It’s a movie, if you weren’t sure.  And it’s in theaters currently.  At least in my hood, it wasn’t playing in most theaters so I had to travel a bit far to see it but – totes worth it! 


It was written by, directed by, produced by and stars Lake Bell, who you no doubt recognize her face if not her name.  She plays the outspoken and/or party animal, comedic relief best friend in several of those superfluous rom coms (ie: What Happens In Vegas.. ya..) but also played Rachel, hot boy Bryan Greenberg’s on/off gf in “How To Make It In America,” of which I was a huge fan of.. but apparently I was somewhat alone in this fandom because it only ran for two seasons on HBO.. I think you can also watch select episodes of it on Virgin Atlantic flights (or could when it was still on the air), which says something I think.. Sadly, free TV says desperate to me…  Anyway, anyway… (I blame my incessant “tangenting” on a classic case of the Mondays, future apologies in advance).. I loved her [Lake Bell] in HTMIIA because she was a bit weird (which I could relate to) but also funny and working as a budding interior designer in the show… Snaps.

To all my rap friends, Kid Cudi was in HTMIIA as an actor.  Not bad, KC.

To all my rap friends, Kid Cudi was in HTMIIA as an actor.  Not bad, KC.

So.. “In A World” is a sarcastic comedy + quirky love story about the voice over industry (if there is one).  According to the movie (but not necessarily supported by sources outside of the movie), the voice over community is “tight” and while there is money to be made in voice overs, the majority of the moola is earned by about five main voice overers and the rest of the rising VO stars are just trying to make ends meet.  Sad stuff. 

But really though, the humor style was perfect, in my opinion.  Just enough weird, ironic shenanigans and banter to justify my overpriced ticket, popcorn, Sour Patch Kids and D. Coke but also the right amount of realness and relatability (which is apparently not a word recognized by our dictionary, but I know you know what I mean, you know?) so that you leave the theater in a positive and productive mood.  I also left the cinema with a sore belly which I’m still trying to deduce if it was from the laughing - > ab workout or the popcorn + candy to the face action that happened in the audience by yours truly.  Still holding out for the former. 

Eating Popcorn.jpg

The movie actually has a message too (don’t worry, this is not a spoiler alert).  A message that (I’m being completely serious here) is an important one in my opinion and personal to me.  It mostly applies to women - women that sound like girls (or “Beanie Babies,” as the movie puts it).  The message is that, while most women (and some men) don’t realize it, the strength and confidence (or lack thereof) that is portrayed in their voice and the way they say things, can have a direct effect on the way they are treated and if they are taken seriously.  This includes, but is not limited to, talking softly, making eye contact, mumbling, the tone, the pitch, the speed, the cadence and even inflections (ending statements with a question can make you seem unsure of yourself and won’t get you the respect you want or deserve).  Personal story/serious moment, I actually went to the speech coach for a few months when I was 18 and was enlightened to this concept.  I had a huge problem with trailing off, mumbling, and talking softly which was rooted in my lack of confidence in both myself and what I had to say.  I had to listen to myself reading news stories and other random filings that the coach had, on tape after learning this knowledge and let me tell you about having an uncomfortable moment.  I will never forget how sickened I was by my voice and the “message” I was sending without even realizing it!  Take note ladies and some gents, a few simple speech adjustments could change your life!  And I really do mean that!

 "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain" 

 "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain" 

On a lighter note, Lake Bell does a phenom job in her role as the main character, who is trying to break into the voice-over world, in a world (industry) dominated primarily by men (see what I just did there :  ).  I really just love her as an actress/person too.  She brings a naturalness and vulnerability to her characters that, if anything, serves to enhance her beauty and presence.  She’s not trying to be anything she’s not and is not above making fun of herself but is also stellar at playing the ultimate “cool girl.”  Something I am still trying to master, quite unsuccessfully.  Above all, however, she is apparently super ridic-ly talented because she wrote, directed, produced and acted in this exceptional film!  I’m impressed beyond words.  Proper respect, gurl.

Lake Bell In A World.jpg

In conclusion, call me Roger Ebert and look out Rotten Tomatoes because I think I pretty much just nailed that review, if I do say so myself (while nursing a Sunday Funday hangover to boot!)  #killinit  But mostly, I hope this rave review prompts you to go see it. DO IT. Do it so you can say you did it BEFORE it was cool. 

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