A "Toasty" Spread

The Keeley Kraft Facebook page analytics tell me that my "Lettuce Talk About Salad" post was my best performing post yet among my FB "fans," which tells me, that you all must like the recipe posts or you all really like puns.  Based on this data, I've decided to give the people what they want by adding a simple but delicious snack, meal, appetizer, however-you-want-to-use-it dish to your recipe repertoires, if you choose to accept it.   And I'm pretty sure y'all are probably growing a bit weary of the regurgitation/inundation of pretty picture posts that there have been as of late.  So today, I'm here to spice things up. LITERALLY!  Meet: Avocado Toast.  Avocado Toast, meet everyone.

Avocado Toast.jpg

This may not be a new recipe for many of you but since I tell pretty much everyone I know about this phenomenon and more often than not, they are unfamiliar, I thought I'd throw it out there and see how well this post performs :).   Yes, your actions are being watched very carefully by me (jk, kinda).

On a diet, I usually eat one piece of toast and save half of the avocado for another meal of: avocado toast... but when I say F' it (which is most of the time), I use the whole avocado, splitting it between two pieces of toast.  (Question: Is there any more comforting smell than freshly toasted toast? Answer: No)  

Avocado Toast Party in Your Mouth.jpg

Oh yeah, party in your mouth! 

So how do you create this masterpiece?  I'll tell you. 

1. Toast your bread.  (I like to use a grainy toast, usually a seven grain toast, but I get that people can be finicky about their toast preferences, so do what makes you feel good!) 

2. Slice and pit your ripe avocado and scoop out the contents of a half onto your piece of toast.   

3.  Mash that shit.  (Some other sources suggest otherwise but I say: NO). 

4. Squeeze some fresh lemon into the mix (if you want to use packaged lemon juice, be my guest but obviously I only use the freshest ingredients and am therefore going to recommend fresh-off-the-vine). 

5.  Drizzle some olive oil in there.

6.  Spread it all around.

7.  Add red pepper flakes (like the ones that go on pizza).

8.  Devour and thank me later. 

Empty Plate with Crumbs.jpg

We're over the hump ya'll.. Smooth sailing from here on out! 

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