You’re My Boy Blue!

I played some beach volleyball last night after work in preparation for a tournament I’m playing in this weekend and the whole time I couldn’t stop feeling nostalgic for summer.  Mostly because it was windy and overcast, as it has been for most of the summer ova heeya. 

And then, out of nowhere, my nostalgia took a dark turn, and transformed into a more melancholy, cynical sentiment leading me to realize that I felt straight up gypped, man!

BS Meme.jpg

 What am I going to do about it?  Probably nothing except continue to look at pictures on the world wide web and my facebook and “remember when” as I sink into an even deeper depression which can safely be diagnosed as FOMO.  Or figure out some kind of sun dance and quick.  I mean, we’re already halfway through August, dammit! 

Now and Then Bike Scene Summer Nostalgia 3.png

Where you at summer?!  I’m waiting…

So indulge me for this wan posting (dub me the “Little Boy Blue,” if you must) as I look on, in search of that glimmer of sun to come out and stay for a while!

Speaking of "blue", wouldn’t it be nice…

Style at Home Dee Dee Taylor Lake House.jpg

If you lived here?  Or summered here, rather?


Apparently this flawless, cobalt blue lake house was designed inside and out by the homeowner herself, Dee Dee Taylor Eustace.  According to internet research, she is quite the Canadian celebrity, having been featured on Oprah for some of her work and also hosting a show on HGTV.  She was even named as a good candidate for a theoretical “Real Housewives of Toronto” show along with her sister, Mary Jo Eustace.  Now, Mary Jo, as you might recall, was the scorned woman in the Tori Spelling/Dean McDermott debacle when Dean ran off (sidenote: why do people always assume when people get together in a forbidden romance, that they are running?) with Tori after he and Mrs. Eustace had just adopted a newborn child (oooh ooh, such salacious gossip)!  Also quite hilarious and unrelated, the sister, Mary Jo, just released a cookbook titled, Cooking for Your Cub, for "cougars."  (Yes, the “cub” she is referring to, ladies and gentlemen, is a "boy toy", not the legitimate offspring kind). 

But I’ve got to give the girl [Dee Dee] props for A. rocking an old school name like that and B. for the fact that every little detail that I can see of this house is immaculate!

Stoney Lake Dee Dee.png

Look at the lights in the kitchen over the island. And the legs on those "shorty" barstools. Word association game, Go: Cool. Blue. Unique. Fitting. Perfection.

Dee Dee Taylor Eustance.png

Of course she’s freaking gorgeous too… OF COURSE.

Probably my favorite part though, save for the provision of using the upstairs balcony as a diving platform, is how she has used the exterior shingling inside the house as well to serve as the wall treatment.  And then those outdoor sconces, inside!! AHH, the awesomeness is too overwhelming!  I feel like I have a brain freeze of home envy.   It hurts.

Dark Blue Walls Lake House.png

Ok this next photo isn’t "technically" from this house but, don't you think it could be? Should be?  I think I'm picking up on a trend here... shingled blue lake houses are the Yes, I believe that's it.

Blue House.jpg

Ok, I’ll admit, after going through these photos again (I first saw them here, after they were featured in the August 2012 issue of Style at Home), my “blues” are now on the upslope.  So, thank you for allowing me this indulgence.  I'm feelin' better already!

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