Off to the Races!

So... It looks like it took me closer to 12 days to get back into the blogging saddle but the good news is that that expression sets me up with the perfect segue for my next post topic (see what I just did there?)...  Tomorrow I am going to Opening Day at the Del Mar Horse Races!  This will be my first time at this particular race track and subsequently my first opening day.  I am told it is quite the scene and there is even to be a hat contest for the ladies.  And you best believe I have my hat ready too!  A HUGE bright yellow one to be exact.  If I hadn't already had my outfit planned out for weeks, here is what I would (hope to) wear:

Del Mar Opening Day Outfit.jpg

Will you look at these hats from a previous year? I mean, wow.

Del Mar Opening Day Hats.jpg

And since this is predominantly an interior design blog after all, I've compiled some equestrian inspired interiors that I would have no problem at all making a home in.

atlanta-equestrian room.jpg
Elle Decor Equestrian Bedroom.png
Equestrian Office Space.jpg
Ralph Lauren Equestrian Room.jpg

I don’t know if these next two technically “count” as equestrian style rooms but there’s something about Hermes that makes me think of that preppy, sophisticated, Ralph Lauren-hot, lifestyle.  Maybe it’s the uh, logo?

Hermes Bathroom.jpg
Orange Hermes Blanket.jpg

And don't you doubt for a second that I won't be getting my Kentucky Derby on and having a mint julep or two!

Kentucky Derby Mint Julep.jpg

Wish me luck at the betting windows!

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